RV Propane Tanks – Fifth Wheel Pictorial Guide

 RV Propane Tanks :

On almost every RV under the sun there is usually a propane tank included. The RV propane tank brings so much convenience from economical heat, hot water, cooking, and even refrigeration that even the small camping trailers usually have a small propane tank capability.

Once your RV gets beyond the camping trailer size, it most likely has an automatic propane switchover valve that controls access to TWO propane tanks. This allows for one tank to be used and the other to be on reserve. When you switch to the reserve tank, you can actually then remove the empty tank to be refilled. Once that tank is put back into the RV, it then becomes a backup. That way you really never have interrupted service.

Most RV’s have OUTSIDE access to the propane tanks so you can find them very easily. In most fifth wheels, you’ll find a compartment towards the front where you can get to the tanks.

In the picture below, you can see the RV propane tanks clearly and they are in the position you would use to swap out or service the tanks.


RV Propane Bottles and Storage

RV Propane Bottles and Storage

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