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About RVs
This section of RV52 contains articles that are about specific RV's. These articles include how to articles about fixing things, replacing things, new RV's, old RV's and just about anything where the RV itself is the center of the story. Some articles are simple walk-thru videos of RV's, like big Monaco's or tiny RPODs. You'll find articles listed here and then at the bottom of this page, you can find a set of buttons where you can continue to more pages of articles related to this subject.

These are articles that help RVers learn more about specific places to have fun. These are meant to add color and information to the RV attraction database ( ).

RV Lifestyle
These articles are for things about living in an RV which aren't covered by RV's, RV Parks, or RV accessories. These might be about how to use your RV to make a living, or how to make a living that isn't tied to geography. Also, these might be personal interest articles. You'll also find articles about using Amazon Prime or other techniques to save you money during your day.

RV Park
Articles in this section are specific to RV Parks, campgrounds, or just general places to park your RV - if even for a single night or a year at time. The idea here is to help you get some insight into these places to stay. Some of these might be from 3rd parties as it would be impossible for RV52 to personally stay at each park, so don't be surprised. These articles are to enhance the rv park database ( ). Some of these are video drive through reviews. These videos were shot by driving through RV Parks, RV Campgrounds, and state and national parks. We hope that these reviews help you choose a park by seeing the park as it really looks when you would simply "drive through

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5th Wheel
These are articles that are about fifth wheels, that feature fifth wheels, or that pertain to fifth wheels, or could pertain to fifth wheels. This "tag" might be too broad with too many articles, but it is a great start, particularly if you are interested in fifth wheels.

Air Conditioner
These are articles that have been written about the RV air conditioner. Most of the reasonable sized RV's have at least one. Knowing some tricks, tips, and sometimes just some basics helps you get more out of your RV air conditioner. When you get the most from the RV air conditioner, you'll certainly have more fun RVing too!

Amazon Prime
Articles and updates regarding's experience with Amazon prime. Great money saving tips and tricks in this category. Find out how RV52 saves money - or sometimes doesn't!!!

These articles feature, discuss, or pertain to animals - probably most likely article about dogs or cats that RVers bring with them in their RV. They might also just be fun heartwarming or cute stories or pictures of animals too - maybe what you might expect to see if you were going to an attraction like Sea World for example.

These are articles about RV awnings. These articles can be pretty wide ranging - from an insurance claim on an awning to simply using them to even replacing them.

These are articles about the RV basement.

These are articles about the RV battery. Find articles about battery management or even finding better RV battery replacements.

What could a person possibly write about the RV bed? Find out by looking at articles in this category/tag.

Black Tank
These are articles that are related to the RV Black Tank. The articles can be how to articles, about additives for your black tank or simply something that just peripherally is related to the RV black tank.

These are articles about RV books I've read or that I've written.

Camping Trailer
These are articles that are related to Camping Trailers. Camping Trailers are the smallest RV's and are usually towable even by a car. You can think of the idea that a camping trailer is sort of a hard sided tent on wheels.

Central Texas
These are articles that have a geographic component of Central Texas attached to them. Probably about RV parks, attractions, or events that occur in and around Central Texas. I think that area could include Austin, Wimberley, Fredericksburg, Mason, Llano, San Antonio, Kerrville, Bastrop, Elgin, Killeen, Temple, or Waco. This list isn't complete, but it is to give you an idea.

These articles are handy checklists that might make your life easier by having little "reminder" checklists.

Coastal Texas
These are articles that have a geographic component of Coastal Texas attached to them. Probably about RV parks, attractions, or events that occur in and around the Texas Coast. I think that area could include Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, League City, Beaumont, and more. This list isn't complete, but it is to give you an idea.

These articles should help you get more out of your computer. These articles may be applicable to more than RVers, but specifically RV52 did think about how these apply to use in the RV.

This "tag" contains articles about cooking in an RV. These could be articles about making cooking easier or more fun. But the articles could be recipes too.

This is a list of articles about the RV Door. Probably more than you'll ever want to know, but here it.

These are articles that are related to electrical systems or components in the RV system. These articles cover everything from the external shore power to the internal plugs and cover both the AC and the DC electrical system.

These articles are related to the electronics systems inside the RV. These are things like the TV, the stereo, and other instrumentation items inside the RV. RV52 also writes about after market electronics systems such as WiFi routers or in-cabinet computers.

These articles are about different events that RVers might find interesting. You may find that they are about things that are in the past - if so, then these articles can talk about things that might occur again - like a yearly or monthly event. Nothing like articles about an event to help you know if you want to attend it again.

These articles have to do with the exterior of the RV. This might be how to clean the RV, or how to identify where the furnace exhaust is in a basic RV tutorial, or some type of decoration for the outside of your RV. But the idea is if you are thinking about the outside of your RV, you might find something useful here.

These articles are about RV finances. I define "finance" as anything to do with saving or gaining you money on your RV. For example, I might have RV insurance articles, or RV financing articles, or RV pricing or negotiating articles here. These are just anything you can think about that might save you a buck. I don't have deals on RV parks here or saving money on Amazon Prime since those will get their own category or tag.

These are articles about the RV fireplace. This may seem silly to a lot of you, but we have an electric fireplace in our Open Range 399BHS and we love it. They are amazingly realistic and add quite a bit of fun.

These are articles about food. Could be recipes or any food related topic.

If I find a great deal - like a freebie deal, I'll list it here. These may be time sensitive, but I'll keep all the articles here.

Fresh Water
Here you'll find articles that have to do with anything on the RV that handles or touches fresh water.

Articles about the RV furnace. From types of furnaces to furnace recommendations, to furnace maintenance is what you might find here.

Grey Tank
Find out more about the RV grey tank by reviewing the articles here.

Here you'll find articles that talk about heating the RV. Not just the furnace, but electric, solar, or anything else I can find.

Learn more about the RV hitch by reading articles in this category or tag.

Hot Water
These are articles about the RV Hot Water heater.

These articles are about the RV interior. This is pretty generic, but I also have an exterior category as well. This might be about an interior appliance, or even interior decor in a recreational vehicle.

These are articles that have to do with the RV Jacks.

These are articles about the RV kitchen. One of the most fun things to do is to cook and try different foods. Find out all about RV kitchens here.

These are articles about leveling your RV.

These are articles that have to do with RV lighting. These articles might be about how to reduce power with lighting, about types of lights, like RV wedge lights, or RV lighting technology - like LED versus Halogen versus incandescent.

Lists and Checklists
These articles are for providing lists and checklists for your RV. Maybe you need to remember the things you need to do before you pull out, or maybe you need a winterizing checklist. You might find those lists and checklists here.

Here you'll find articles about RV maintenance. Boring stuff like keeping up the battery, or greasing things.

These are articles that have to do with different reference manuals for RVs, RV accessories, or other RV items.

Here I have articles about the RV Microwave.

I'm from Nebraska. What can I say. Articles on Nebraska located here. It is a very wonderful place. In the summer - not too hot - maybe worth checking out.

This is information that is "timely" and has a newsy component to it. If you get into this tag/category, you might only need to look at the articles at the "TOP" of the queue, which would be the most recent. Things here might be RV earnings reports, new RV announcements, interesting RV accessories, RV parks closing/opening, special RV related deals, or maybe even RV52 adding/removing items from the website or web database.

NOT Recommended
Occasionally I run across something that I can't possibly recommend or even feel good about not saying anything. I'm a VERY tolerant guy and don't want to offend anyone, so if you see me putting a NOT RECOMMENDED tag on an RV, RV Park, or RV accessory, or even anything at all to do with living in an RV, including products I don't like on Amazon Prime, then this should be a REALLY big red flag for you. There might be other people who could recommend whatever it might be, but for me, it would be a no-go. Feel free to ask me why I put NOT Recommended on the article if you are curious.

Out of the Ordinary
These are articles that sort of defy categorization. They might be funny stories or pictures. Perhaps they might be about a person living an unconventional RV lifestyle. But I just wanted to have a class of articles that sort of defy ordinary.

These are articles about the RV Oven. Usually part of the range, but I thought I would make a separate category/tag for it.

These articles might be the most high level articles about RV's, RV parks, or other RV related items. Not necessarily designed to teach, they are certainly designed to give you a 10,000 foot view of a subject area.

These articles all relate to RV Plumbing. Anything from repairing an RV sink, to having to do with your hot water heater. If water passes through it, then I say its plumbing. This might also get applied to grey and black water too. So water related this is!

Product Review
These articles are for product reviews of RV related items. You might find high level reviews of RV's, RV Parks, and RV accessories. Some reviews might be more indepth. Some will result in "RECOMMENDED" or "NOT RECOMMENDED" but many won't have either tag.

These are articles about the use of propane in an RV. These articles could be about RV propane safety, RV propane usage, or maybe even just buying RV Propane.

These are articles that talk about the RV Range, or the the thingy you use to cook and bake.

Anytime RV52 comes across a good recipe, I'll put it here. Not really a recipe site, but I do love to eat!

These are articles about things, places, or ideas that I can definitely recommend. For example, if I find a product on Amazon Prime (which I get a small commission if you buy through my links) that I definitely use and like, then I'll give it a recommended tag. If I find an RV park I like I'll give it a tag I like. But to get the recommended tag, I have to actually use it and like it. I have put an item on recommended after I bought it only to find out it did not stand the test of time. For those, I'll try to catch my early mistake and remove the recommended tag as I would not recommend something like that knowingly. But whatever it is, if it gets recommended then I like it and you'll have to see how long I have been using it to decide if you trust my rating. Fair enough?

These are articles which contain information which is something that you might just need to look up - like voltage levels, or lists of things, or manuals for your RV. Anything you might not want to read, but would be happy to refer to occasionally.

The RV refrigerator is a pretty amazing thing. Learn more about the amazing gas absorption refrigerator in these articles.

RV Park Internet Marketing
These articles are specific to the idea of how RV Parks can get more business using the internet. RV52 has a great deal of knowledge and expertise related to web marketing. These articles are specific and in this tag/category, general RV Park business is not addressed. RV52 might pass on RV Park business management articles and information, but that would be in a different place.

These are articles about the TV in the RV, how to get more from the TV.

These are articles having to do with RV safety. For example articles about RV carbon monoxide, or towing safety might be included.

I love salsa. Part of the fun of an RV is traveling. My guess is you'll travel and find festivals ALL over where salsa will be front and center. So here are articles that are all about Salsa.

Shore Connection
These are articles related to connecting your RV to the shore connections (like power, water, tv, & sewer).

Do RV's have showers? You bet they do, but showering in an RV, or finding out more about the RV showers is exactly what the articles below should help you with.

Slide Out
This is a set of articles about the RV Slide out. The RV slide out is a pretty neat innovation that has recently came along that really makes RV's much more realistic for full time living.

Want to know more about your RV stereo? Start here and see what you can learn.

All about RV storage.

These are articles about Recreational Vehicles ( RV ) that have to do with the underlying structure. Things like the wall construction, the metal frame, the wheels, the axle and other supporting and ulta-foundational parts of the RV.

These are articles about towing RV's. Some might be RV how to, or RV safety, but sometimes they could just be articles about towing - maybe some interesting facts.

Toy Hauler
If you want to learn more about a class of RV called the toy hauler, this section was made just for Toy Haulers. Here you'll find articles that have to do with Toy Haulers.

Travel Trailer
These are articles that are especially related to travel trailers.

These tutorial articles are written to explain RV basics to people. If you are thinking about buying an RV or just bought an RV, these articles are a GREAT place to simply get started understanding every little thing about your RV. These are not meant to be in-depth and certainly will "gloss" over some things that the "experts" might chafe at, but for just getting started, this will be a big help. Enjoy, and as always, don't be shy about contacting ( ).

Here is a collection of articles about the vents in an RV. From manual to powered from the kitchen to the bathroom, get your vent fix here.

These articles all contain video. This probably isn't a complete list of articles that contain video, after all, has 300+ videos over on if you go looking. But if you are into video, this at least gets you zooming in on articles with video.

Articles that talk about the RV's wheels, tires, axles and all that rolling stuff.