In an RV? Got Time? See how to publish your book to Kindle

Hello friends of Fitty. Over here at RV52 Fitty has been working hard on different projects. I’ve just finished up my “RV and Modular Home Utilities Comparison Report” and you can get it several different ways. You can buy it straight from me via Paypal, Kindle, Amazon, and Apple. When I was uploading the eReport […]

RV Control Panel

RV Command Center

RV Control Panel Almost every RV has an RV Control Panel. You might hear it called rv command center or any one of 20 other names, but it is in ADDITION to the fusebox or RV electrical panel. The RV Control Panel is a central location where all the RV-centric switches and buttons go that […]

RV52 releases 2nd 5th Wheel guide walkthru book

Your 5th Wheel RV - The Interior

I finally finished my second 5th wheel guide ebook that goes through all of the interior components. This is the next part in a multi-part series, the first one being the book on the exterior. ( ) Find my ebook here:¬† Of course I totally believe you’ll find this book helpful. Especially for new […]

RV Door and Door latch

RV Door showing Inside handle and deadbolt

RV Door, Door latch and handle Of all the things in an RV, you’ll use the RV Door and the RV Door latch and handle every day, probably multiple times in a day. Almost every RV Door handle I’ve ever seen looks completely different than the sticks and bricks door knobs and handles. I don’t […]

RV Window Treatments

RV Window and Window Treatments particularly the blinds

RV Window Treatments RV Window Treatments are one of those eye-candy things that the makers LOVE to have inside the RV. But honestly, we always want to take ours down. You’ll see all sorts of things in the RV’s, most guilty of bad style. Our window treatments serve to collect dust and reduce the brightness […]

RV Storage

RV Overhead Storage Bins with Gas Lifts Showing

RV Storage Overhead Bins Most RV’s have some overhead bins for storage. You’ll find storage in different areas such as: kitchen cabinets under bed small closets under seating One such area is in overhead bins like the one shown below. You should expect, in most travel trailers and fifth wheels but probably not smaller camping […]

Extra TV Connections

RV Television Antenna Connections for Extra TV

Extra TV Connections If your RV has any extra rooms in it, perhaps in your bedroom or a bunkhouse, or even the external areas, you might want to check around to see if there is coaxial cable routed into those areas. Since an RV is really tough to modify compared to a sticks and bricks […]

RV Stereo Speakers

RV Stereo Speakers with RV Home Theater System

RV Stereo Speakers Since most RV’s have built in entertainment systems, the RV is usually prewired. The great thing is that you’ll find RV Stereo Speakers usually mounted in the ceiling and sometimes in spare bunkhouse or the rv basement. What you would look for to see what is prewired is the little flush mount […]