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  1. Hi,

    I would like to know, why my wedding ceremony was on your website.
    Please remove it~

    (Irma & Scott’s wedding)

  2. Hi Irma,

    I take the name of the RV park (my site is and do a Youtube search for videos related to that name to try to help people find out more about the area and the park.

    In your case, your wedding shows up on the youtube search “rose bay marina” .

    I did a search for “Rose Bay Marina” directly into and your video shows up as a FEATURED VIDEO on youtube!

    In fact, your video is accessible via youtube to anyone in the entire world and it will show up on all sorts of searches.

    If you are truly concerned about privacy, you might consider changing the settings of your youtube video to private.

    Good luck and congratulations,

  3. hi! i am looking for help with repairing/replacing a section of fthe flooring, subfloor in me jayco travel trailer. i’d like to find a video that would walk me through the process. i downloaded the shematic for the walls and flooring from jayco, but i would like more detail and step instruction. if you know of a video that fits my need, i’d appreciate hearing about it. at some point, there wasa small water leak that evidently found its way through a screw or staple hole in the vinyl [by the toilet], got under the vinyl, and soaked the subfloor, and caused dryrot. so, i need to cut it out and replace/repair it. as a 68 year old disabled vet, i would appreciate any assistance you can render. thanks in advance– g.

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