Timing IS everything – The Disk Camera

When I was going to college there was no such thing as a digital camera. The camera was still a chemical affair – exposing a treated “film” to a glint of light through a lens and then a complicated chemical process of developing the film. My college was a wonderful place, with tall trees lining […]

The Pool was Free. Feeding it, not so much

To be an RVer, you have to have the right attitude about stuff. While swimming pools aren’t really RVing things, this article should touch on some ideas about “stuff”. A friend got a killer deal on an above ground swimming pool. The pool is about 4 feet deep, 24 feet long and about 12 feet […]

What do RV52.com Readers Think About Portable RV Gardens?

RV52 Container Garden - 4 days after nasty hailstorm in Texas

Even though RV52 is inbetween RVs (I lived fulltime in one for 4 years so I’m still an RVer) I still completely orient my life towards a mobility, low-foot-print, see-the-country, lifestyle. I’m the owner and operator the big-time international worldwide website called RV52.com, right? So I’m at a farmers market in Austin Texas and this […]

Fitty Confesses

I’m going to keep this short because this is embarrassing. I thought if I wrote about my attempt at weight watchers it would help me keep honest and be successful. Right. I did pretty well up until the “Truffled French Fries” at a place called Chiso’s Grill in Bee Caves, TX. But I didn’t stay […]

Lightweight and Simple RV Shelter

RV Shelter Central Texas

For many RVers, RVing is about being MOBILE. Sometimes, when RVing, you have a need to stay put. Some reasons for staying put… You are living in a certain area while you are working a semi-permanent-temporary job – that is – one that might last 2-3 years. Uncertain enough that buying a house or getting […]