Have you ever tried to sell a couch on Craigslist?

couch pictured on craigslist

Could have been called “Get over your attachment to your stuff” (an excerpt from my book – The Spartan RV) A lot of people paid really good money for furniture. Things like couches, love seats, ottomans, coffee tables, end tables, tables, and book cases. They agonized over those purchases – comparing costs, checking colors, checking […]

RV Life – Everyone is always on Vacation!

(short excerpt from my book – The Spartan RV) When my wife and I are in an RV park we noticed something really weird. Everyone is happy. In fact, they were all friendly, conversant, cheery, and just about every other sappy-syruppy word you can imagine. Once we switched from an RV park to a mobile […]

Going from BIG LIFE to RV LIFE

Median House Prices 1973 through 2010

(This is an excerpt from my book The Spartan RV) We all have the vision. We can vision ourselves visiting all the amazing places in North America. Seeing it all, let alone, living immersively in it all, would take a lifetime. We lived our lifetime working. We spent our YEARS getting ready for the adventure […]