Who wants used kitchen gadgets

Could have been called: Getting over your stuff so you can downsize and go RVing (excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) I love kitchen gadgets. My wife loves kitchen gadgets even more. Food, and the kitchen, tie into our deepest reptilian brain in ways we don’t even know. Our feelings on friendship, comfort, safety, […]

Being Spartan is not about being poor

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) Before going into some of the really amazing things that being Spartan-like can do for you, I just feel compelled to deal head-on with the idea that I’m espousing a philosophy of “poor”, of lack, or doing without. No. It isn’t that at all. Being […]

When RV ing – Careful Consideration is Good Idea for Your Email Addresses

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) What is your email address? An awfully large bunch of people have email addresses that were given to them by their internet provider. You can tell by looking. The email addresses might look like this: Sparta@austin.rr.com Sparta@comcast.com Sparta@rogers.com Sparta@swbell.net Sparta@windstream.net If you are using an […]