Music – Getting rid of the CDs

Music, in the form of DVDs, Vinyl LPs, CDs, and whatever other forms you might have is a tremendous space “sucker” for an RV. Catalogs, like LL Bean, are chock-full of DVD and CD storage racks. There isn’t a TV show or picture of a room in a decorating magazine that doesn’t have the obligatory […]

How does your RV utility bills compare to a modular homes?

Hello Fitty-ites! Ever wonder how your RV utility bills compare to something else – perhaps an ordinary sticks and bricks home? I’ve had the chance to live in the SAME exact GPS coordinates, using the same utilities, with the same family, and with the same approximate climate in an RV and a modular home. I […]

3 Options for Towing a Vehicle Behind Your RV

Trailer illustration for article on RV towing options

[Guest Article by Sarah Kelly - Retired nurse, RV fanatic, Twitter pro] Almost 9 million people own RVs, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, and they’re a great way to take you and the family across long distances in comfort. But it’s not exactly easy to go to the grocery store or check out some local […]