RV ing lite – Things you really NEED in an RV for a good experience

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) There is an old Zen saying – “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.” What that means is that even though you may have really arrived at the pinnacle of mental states and internal peace, life still goes on. You still […]

Worry is Worship

(an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) Just for a minute, I’ll get a little bit Biblical. For those of you who are not Christian, don’t be offended, there is some really great stuff in there. But I wanted to pick out just two verses from the most popular book in history. It also […]

Being Present Now – Mindful RV ing

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) This may be the single most important chapter of this entire book. Once you are free from place, time, and worry, you can focus less on being free FROM something and focus on being free FOR something. There may be no better thing to be free […]

Who wants used kitchen gadgets

Could have been called: Getting over your stuff so you can downsize and go RVing (excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) I love kitchen gadgets. My wife loves kitchen gadgets even more. Food, and the kitchen, tie into our deepest reptilian brain in ways we don’t even know. Our feelings on friendship, comfort, safety, […]