When RV ing – Careful Consideration is Good Idea for Your Email Addresses

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) What is your email address? An awfully large bunch of people have email addresses that were given to them by their internet provider. You can tell by looking. The email addresses might look like this: Sparta@austin.rr.com Sparta@comcast.com Sparta@rogers.com Sparta@swbell.net Sparta@windstream.net If you are using an […]

RVing – Freedom from PLACE

freedom from place

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV) If you will implement a Spartan style RV lifestyle you will have increased freedom from geography. Geography is just another way of saying place. We get LOCKED into place several ways. The first way we get locked into a place is usually because of a […]

RV ing the light weight way – How RV52 handles the deluge of paperwork

freedom from paperwork

(this is an excerpt from my book: The Spartan RV – which does have pictures!) Life has a certain bric-a-brac that simply comes with it. That bric-a-brac embodies itself with a crapload of paperwork “stuff”. It starts at birth – birth certificates, social security registration, health insurance, life insurance, wills, living will, living trusts, car insurance, car […]