RV52 Under Attack! But keeps on fighting


RV52 is TRULY under attack! While at RV52 HQ, I am being attacked by HUGE green monsters that are threatening the RV52.com food supply. They are relentless creatures. I’ve appealed to the authorities and it looks like the authorities are not going to be any help. The so-called-authorities aren’t taking this seriously – perhaps these […]

Off the chain BBQ – Worth the trip from anywhere in the Texas Triangle

Don't touch my BBQ - Sheri at City Market

Unlike most Americans, you might have ignored the food bits of the headline and wondered “What is the Texas Triangle?” The Texas Triangle is the geometric shape of Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth. That triangle also hosts several large cities like Austin, Waco, and Temple. This triangle makes up a very potent economic region to […]

A great photo from a true amateur – hummingbird

Hummingbird at Feeder

Many RVers take pictures, lots and lots of pictures. I take lots of pictures. Lots and lots of TERRIBLE pictures. But recently, we had a little hummingbird at RV52.com world headquarters. And I got the little sucker on “film”. No big deal for a pro, but for an amateur like me, I was pretty excited. After […]

Comstock Nebraska – Centennial Garden

Earlier, I wrote a post about RVing in a place where time might not go to fast, Comstock Nebraska. I wrote about the Dowse Sod House, and I mentioned a garden called the Centennial Garden. As tourist attractions go, Centennial Garden would be considered very small. But if you look at it objectively, realizing that […]

Hydroponics at Industrial Country Market

2014 is shaping up to be a wetter and more normal year in Texas. Last year when I stopped by the Industrial Country Market along Hwy 71, their hydroponics area was turned off due to the severe drought in Texas. This year when I stopped by the hydroponics area was in full swing. I’ll keep […]

Timing IS everything – The Disk Camera

When I was going to college there was no such thing as a digital camera. The camera was still a chemical affair – exposing a treated “film” to a glint of light through a lens and then a complicated chemical process of developing the film. My college was a wonderful place, with tall trees lining […]

Texas Barber Provides Closest Shave ever (joke)

An old country western singer walks into a barbershop in Luckenbach Texas for a shave and a haircut. He tells the barber he can’t get all his whiskers off because his cheeks are wrinkled from age. The barber gets a little wooden ball from a cup on the shelf and tells the old cowboy to put it […]

The Pool was Free. Feeding it, not so much

(Note – this article is an excerpt from the book The Spartan RV. Learn more about living life more fully, without STUFF in that book) To be an RVer, you have to have the right attitude about stuff. While swimming pools aren’t really RVing things, this article should touch on some ideas about “stuff”. A […]