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Guidelines for guest blogging Submission and Collaboration with RV52

This page outlines guest blogging goals and policies with If you follow these closely, your article will stand the best chance of getting published.

Target Audience

  • Average RVers – I try to stay focused on people who aren’t necessarily the types who will break out a wrench. I think that is most of us. If I had to choose between an advanced article deep on the subject of battery cycling or a good battery overview article, I’d pick the overview everytime. But hey, try me!
  • RV Park Owners – because I have a VERY large RV park database, RV park owners stop by quite a bit so I think that I can reach them too.

I would not try to reach RV dealers, RV manufacturers, or RV parts people with articles. I could be wrong, but I’d like to stay focused on beginning RVers.

Prior Examples of Articles I like

Guest Blogging Guidelines

  • I prefer longer and meatier articles – I would like to shoot for a 750 word minimum.
  • Your article should be teaching, not selling. I will reject all selling articles – unless they are teaching something very new and you can avoid learning without the context of a product – for example – a new human waste management concept.
  • Have at LEAST 5-6 sections with headlines.
  • One or two really contextually smart pictures are great.
  • retains editorial control.
  • Related: I don’t think it is too much to ask to have you subscribe to my newsletter .

Article Rules

  • Article must be 100% original content. The subject does not have to be original, but the article does. You must agree not to publish anywhere else since Google and other search engines can detect duplicates.
  • You will be shown on as “Guest Author”.
  • In your article, you may have up to three links that are contextually smart back to your site.
  • In your article, may insert affiliate links and have text ads along with the text. If this is an issue, we can discuss.
  • You grant rights to republish your article in any format at any time, indefinitely.
  • You agree and assert that all content, text and graphic, is your original content OR that you have the rights to grant to the rights outlined here.
  • You will be requested to promote the article as best you can using as many of the following techniques as you can:
    • On’s website : share the article using facebook, twitter, reddit, or other social media.
    • On’s website : Facebook “Like” and Google +1 the article.
    • On’s twitter account : retweet the article
    • On’s Facebook account : Like the article and reshare from that format.
    • On Stumbleupon, if you can find the article – Like/Favorite it.
    • On your site, provide a link to the article.


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