About RV52.com

This video, from the founder of RV52 is VERY short. 60 seconds. But I think it will help you understand what RV52.com is about and maybe let you know that it is OK to interact with the site  – there is a real person behind the curtain.

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How RV52.com was born

When I first met Sheri, she was a little hesitant on our first or second date to tell me where she lived. A big part of that is because she lived in a little RV. It was a fairly good sized 2008 Puma 29FKSS Travel Trailer.

I, however, lived in an apartment, mostly because I had recently went through a divorce and in my world, you either lived in a house or an apartment and after divorces, apartments are the landing zone of choice.

A different way of thinking

You could think of me as the “typical close-minded middle American mindset”. I knew about trailer houses, sometimes called single-wides, but I simply was not interested in that type of living for a number of reasons. So it was apartment or house.

But Sheri opened my mind to something different. An RV was something different entirely. RV’s were luxury goods (by many standards) that you buy along with your boat. RV’s were SMALL. Unlike trailer homes, RV’s weren’t low income affairs trying to grab as much square feet as possible – no RV’s represented something completely different. RV’s are inherently mobile – constructed for durability while trailer homes represented fixed location (no different than houses or apartments).

Sheri’s RV represented something completely new : Living small by choice. It made me ask questions. It made US question how much we needed. RV’s make you completely re-examine place and permanence.

Marriage changes everything

Sheri and I married in 2009 and within a short amount of time, she talked me into trying the Puma RV. It was too small for a family, but for the two of us, it was a great experience.

I was hooked. And I knew in 2009 that I had a blog topic that I could write about, pretty much the rest of my life. I also wanted to write a blog because if I can’t make a successful (whatever that might be) blog, then I would have to question my existence in a world that openly accepts my MBA.

RV is more than a Vacation “house”

And so I write. I write about the RV, the parks, our mistakes, and our successes. Its more than a hobby. It is a lifestyle and a belief system (living small, free, economical, and more) and I can write about it a long time.

One oddity you may find is I do lots of these little videos. Both of parks and of RV’s. I like playing with the video and I think video speaks volumes where I might be at a loss for words.

I would love to hear from you as I journey and journal. Your suggestions and inputs are important to me.



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DISCLOSURE : This blogs goal is to be honest and forthright in all we say or do. So we have no plans to push crappy products or parks, unless we don’t know they are bad and only find out later, like the RV mats from Walmart. All that being said, if we put links to products and you buy the products you should assume we will be compensated for it. A prime example is that we use Amazon affiliate links copiously.