RV Carbon Monoxide Detector and Propane Detector – DON’T GO WITHOUT!

RV Carbon Monoxide Detector and Propane Detector

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An RV Carbon Monoxide Detector and Propane Detector is a critical piece of safety equipment to have in an RV.

For me (Marlan, the RV52.com guy) I could not live in an RV without such a thing – even for a day or two. The reason for this is because I have anosmia. In other words I can’t smell the propane. In most things in life that isn’t a bad thing. But in an RV it is patently dangerous because the RV makes great use of propane.

Propane is a WONDERFUL source of energy. Its pretty cheap, has lots of “power per pound” and can be converted to almost any function fairly readily. For example, your refrigerator works off of propane – amazing! Your range works off of propane. Your hot water heater works off of propane. And finally your furnace works off of propane. There are other uses, like powering generators, but that is less common and there are better fuels for your generator than propane. But it is an amazing substance.

This amazing substance is very explosive and so it is a GREAT idea to detect when this explosive, heavier than air, substance is accumulating in your RV. When it does, and you have a detector installed, you’ll get an alert, can open and ventilate the RV and safely determine the leak.

Now you can smell propane, so unless you are sleeping, you might be able to detect that without an electronic detector. But the BY-PRODUCT of burning propane is carbon monoxide which is an odorless gas that can kill you.

So having the carbon monoxide detector is even more important.

And having carbon monoxide problems are not that crazy with so many sources to create the gas. Add into the mix, mud daubers potentially plugging up ventilation, birds making nests, or even problems caused by bumps in the road and you have lots of potential for a carbon monoxide problem.

The solution for safety is very easy. Just make sure your RV has an RV carbon monoxide detector. OK?

Here are some rv carbon monoxide detectors from Amazon which I put here to save you time (Amazon Disclosure):

RV Carbon Monoxide and RV Propane Detector Alarm

RV Carbon Monoxide and RV Propane Detector Alarm


Amazon listings that may help you find replacement RV Monoxide Detectors:

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