Our RV Toilet could SPEAK – it told us the black tank was full!

RV Toilet

The toilet in our Open Range 399BHS had a great way of telling us that the black tank was full. Ok. Maybe not that “great” of a way. But it was VERY effective. You gotta face facts. Those so called “alarms” and tank alerts are not very good. They aren’t accurate and they never seem […]

RV Control Panel

RV Command Center

RV Control Panel Almost every RV has an RV Control Panel. You might hear it called rv command center or any one of 20 other names, but it is in ADDITION to the fusebox or RV electrical panel. The RV Control Panel is a central location where all the RV-centric switches and buttons go that […]

RV Toilet

RV Toilet

RV Toilet The RV Toilet is one of the important and differentiating attachments in an RV. Utilizing a toilet instead of digging a hole in the wild – never mind any local laws about that – is a pretty darned nice thing. Unlike sticks and bricks toilets, which use water to “whoosh” your little package […]

You know you are glamping when the shower’s hot water hits you!

RV Shower

RV Shower The RV Shower, in many ways is what differentiates TRUE roughing it camping from a more gentile experience. The #1 thing I never liked about camping in a tent or in the wild was the inability to get clean. Usually after a weekend of camping, the number one thing I did when I […]

Look at that sink! Is this a high end Spa or an RV?

RV Bathroom Sink

RV Bathroom Sink Most RV’s that are travel trailer class or larger will have a bathroom and inside of that bathroom a set of very standard concepts such as the rv bathroom sink. The RV bathroom sink will usually be small and unless you get into million dollar rigs, you simply will not find a […]

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet Most RV’s, even the small camping trailers and truck campers, have a kitchen sink with a small faucet. In fact, the small campers will have a small sink OVER a bathroom if faced with having to make the choice. These sinks are generally VERY small and designed from a lightweight […]

Water Routing Controls and Inlets – Fifth Wheel Pictorial Guide

rv water system antifreeze injection spout

Water Routing Controls and Inlets : On the driver’s side of the RV, amongst all the controls, you should be able to find a siphon hose inlet and some control that allow you to route water different ways through your RV water system. The siphon inlet can be used a couple of ways: To “suck” […]

RV Hot Water Heater Cover – Fifth Wheel Pictorial Guide

rv hot water heater cover

RV Hot Water Heater Cover : Walking around the RV, you should be able to locate the hot water heater cover. Of course the hot water heater is BEHIND the cover, but I thought for a first pass in the pictorial guide, I’d just have you identify where the hot water heater is. The idea […]

RV Fresh Water Fill Connector – Fifth Wheel Pictorial Guide

RV Fresh Water Fill Connector : There are times when you are traveling with your RV when you’ll want to take fresh water with you for an activity called “boondocking”. I can think of a few activities here : Parking at the “big event” ( like a football game ) for a weekend Parking at […]

Black Tank Rinse Inlet – Fifth Wheel Pictorial Guide

rv black tank rinse water connector

Black Tank Rinse Inlet Connector : After you empty out the black tank, you can rest assured, knowing full well that the black tank IS NOT clean. In fact I’m sure you have plenty of “hangers onners” inside that black tank. Those hanger-onners will cause your black tank sensors to perform very badly. Ok – […]