RV Antenna Crank or Control Lever

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RV Antenna Crank or Control Lever

Most RV’s have a foldout antenna that you can locate on the exterior of the RV (put link in to the exterior article). One neat thing about that foldout antenna is that you can control if from inside using the RV Antenna Crank (Amazon Disclosure).

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The RV antenna control, usually called an antenna crank, is located directly in the same spot in the interior that the antenna is located on the exterior. That is because it is a straight though mechanical connection.

Calling the device the RV antenna crank actually sells the device a little bit short. It is true that it’s main function is to turn/crank the exterior antenna into an “up” or extended position or to retract it into its folded or travel position.

One of my FAVORITE things about the antenna crank is that you can also use it to turn the antenna 360 degrees so you can easily turn the antenna to get the best reception. Even better is that no ladder is required to turn it. You just reach up and grab the outside of the crank, not the lever, and turn the whole assembly.

On the assembly, you’ll notice that there is a pointer of sorts. Before folding or stowing the antenna back into it’s travel position, you will align the pointers, then turn the crank to stow the antenna. I’m not sure you could even operate the crank if the pointers aren’t aligned – I’ve never tried it.

One thing I’ve noticed that makes me really like the antenna better than cable at most places is that the over the air local TV has really spectacular High Definition reception. Given it is so easy to swap between cable and over the air I would prefer to capture the over the air almost every time.

RV TV Antenna Crank Control Lever

RV TV Antenna Crank Control Lever


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