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  1. Please send me a good TV wiring diagram for my 2017319rls
    Nee to hook up Direct TV——Cable to living room and bedroom
    Can you hood up and only have to change TV settings to go back and forth

  2. Could I get a wiring diagram for the tv cable connections for mykeystone challenger fifth wheel model 35 ckq

  3. I have a open range light 319rls the panel is the same as pictured l can only get signel to living room thru the main connection nothing thru the 2 sat connection. Thanks

  4. So, at your control center you put a satellite TV receiver and connected the Sat TV receiver signal OUT connector to one of the satellite connections in the control panel? Then you checked your TV and it was connected to the corresponding satellite plug?

    Can you draw a picture and send it to me on how you connected things? Thx.

  5. Hope you got sat connection operational, but if not, here’s my take. From sat dish, 1 cable from Main connector on dish to Main on panel. This controls front bedroom. Inside wardrobe of bedroom, on 2-connector outlet, pull jumper cable. Using left connector on this outlet, connect cable to your sat receiver and from receiver to TV. Make sure antenna booster is off. Set up your TV for satellite reception and for proper input. This should give you sat in bedroom. If you want sat in living room, connect separate cable from 2nd connector on dish to Sat 1 on panel. If you have connected Main dish to Main panel, then you’ll only need to connect cable from the outlet in your entertainment center in living room to the receiver box then from receiver to the TV. Make sure you change settings on each TV to show proper inputs and your receivers are properly set up.

  6. I have an 2004 Everest by keystone 323 K 32 foot fifth wheel and would like an accurate wiring diagram of my antenna and cable wiring for the entire trailer. I have 1 connection in the front bedroom and 1 in the living room. I have an antenna on the roof above the bedroom.

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