1. Great info. This is very Useful. You will be amazed how many calls I receive guaranteeing a cashiers check. We buy and sell many used RVs and though I have not received the rebate offer (probably because we are a used RV dealer), cashiers checks are a huge red flag. We get them all the time.

    We prefer approved wire transfers, as posted above, prior to delivery. It is the safest bet for all parties involved.

    Regarding sight unseen purchases, a great majority of our rv sales are sight unseen; you just have to do your home work. There are great points in this posts on how to protect yourself. The most important I would take from this post is that you have to connect with a real person on the phone and feel them out. You should make no exceptions. If you are dealing with a con, you will pick up a lot of red flags once you talk with the person.

  2. Thanks, I’ll be using a couple of your links to pay you back for sharing this information and thank you very much for sharing your experience. I would also be interested in finding out why/how you gave up living in the 5’r while you are changing directions towards a Class C RV, but in that case I may have to purchase one of your book(s), which is another way for others to thank you for sharing this information and life experiences as well.

  3. Great. The big reason we gave up on the 5th wheel is because there were 4 of us living in 400 sq feet. After 3 years it got very small so we built a house on the same property. So the 5th wheel was all about size. When we get our Class C, this is more about mobility. We might go w/ a shorter travel trailer – like a 20 footer just because Sheri and I can live together in a smaller space. Thx for asking.

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