Fun Things to Do in North America for RVers

Fun places to visit while RVing

Fun places to visit while RVing

Fun things to do in North America:

Before starting any trip to Canada or the United States, especially if you are going to do this vacation in an RV, make sure you consult this directory of fun things to do in North America.

RV52 has taken the time to enter really cool museums, amusement parks and stadiums and then CROSS CORRELATED these attractions to whatever RV park you might be staying. So you can look at your RV park and see what cool things are nearby. Conversely, you can look at an attraction and see what RV parks are nearby. But everything is oriented towards making RVing fun.

Oh yea, if you have suggestions about what attractions or fun things should be added to the database, send us the information. RV52 would be thrilled to add it if it helps RVers out.


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Click on a state or province to get a list of North America attractions!

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