RV Toilet

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RV Toilet

The RV Toilet is one of the important and differentiating attachments in an RV. Utilizing a toilet instead of digging a hole in the wild – never mind any local laws about that – is a pretty darned nice thing.

Unlike sticks and bricks toilets, which use water to “whoosh” your little package on its way to a better place, the RV toilet instead puts your little package into an onboard storage tank. The onboard storage tank is then emptied when it gets full. Of course it is only emptied into approved sewer or septic system.

I’ve written quite a few articles on managing the black tank on an RV. For every opinion on the subject you’ll find 4 more so it is a never ending subject.

One of the neat things about an RV toilet is that I truly believe it uses WAY less water than a regular toilet.

You’ll find replacements that are plastic and ceramic. We’re lucky in that ours is ceramic and I think that the ceramic is much easier.

There are other technologies that would be perfectly suitable to a camper – but I’ve only seen them mentioned relative to some of the tiny houses that Tumbleweed Homes advertises. The other choices are 1) composting and 2) incinerating.

Here are some toilet related items from Amazon (disclosure) and eBay:

RV Toilet

RV Toilet

CURRENT Amazon listings related to RV toilets:

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