I had my very first foogasm! (or how trust ratings made my day)

I just bought THIS SHOE. I wanted something that looked good in no-show socks or bare feet along with my shorts. Something a little more than sandals.

I wouldn’t even look twice at this shoe normally. It looked so cheaply built and simple, but…


So I read some of the reviews. In fact, you CANNOT GO BY AMAZON RATINGS alone. You have to read the ratings, then check out the low 1-star ratings and the comments. You need to double check the 5-star ratings. And the ratings are most valuable when there are more than 15 ratings.

This shoe was CRAZY good with a 4.5+ rating. That is pretty hard to obtain.

I just got the shoe today.

I put the shoe on.


Double Wow.

Triple wow.

“I’ll have what she’s having” kind of wow.

It was like a “you know what” but in my shoe. It was a foogasm.

This shoe felt AWESOME. It had arch support which was wonderful, but it also had these little fingers that massage your feet. I’ve bought those little inserts that supposedly do the same thing, but they don’t. Well, this shoe does.

I SO can’t wait to wear the shoe all day tomorrow.

Meg Ryan won’t have anything on me… and I’m a dude.

I hope I can sleep. I’m so excited for my date with my shoes tomorrow.

Cheers, Marlan

p.s.¬†While I own an RV, and lived in one almost three years, right now I’m not moving around much.

I think MOBILITY is one of the VERY best reasons to love Amazon, and for that matter, any reputable online source.

But there are other reasons to like Amazon, like the ratings I talk about above. As you can see, it turned out well.


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