Do many Americans own an RV?

As I drive around the Texas countryside, I can’t but wonder “how many people own RV’s?” On one hand it seems that I can’t go even a mile or two without seeing a travel trailer or a fifth wheel parked in a yard somewhere. Many have hookups I can see even as I zoom past which I believe means that they are being used as a spare room or a guest house.

But then when I know how much they cost and that the IRS considers them a luxury item it amazes me that you would see so many. I have had discussions with RV salespeople, who might actually bend the truth, where they are telling me that more and more people are buying RV’s as alternatives to apartments or homes.

Here is a snippet from the website that discusses how many people in America own an RV. It only talks about the USA, so you would have to AT LEAST double the number for worldwide.

“RV ownership has reached record levels.  Approximately 8.2 million American households now own an RV — a 16 percent increase since 2001 and a 64 percent gain since 1980.”

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