Week 2, Day 2 (or 9) – You had a McDonald’s Sundae and that was OK?

182.5 – 4.5 pounds down.

9:29A – Starving. Not going to make it to lunch. Say goodbye to a 1 point cheese stick.

10:30A – yogurt ate. Gonna be a long day.

11:30A – Having my very point efficient leftovers. Point efficiency is the key to success on weight watchers.

2:30A – Use my last flavoring for water. Order more on Amazon.

5:55P – Made it to dinner. Wife made the chili that is 20 points for a huge bucket of it. I don’t know how she does it. I put in 5 saltine crackers for 2 points to get to a six point dinner.

7:15P – I have enough points left over that I can have a McDonalds Sundae for 9 points. Very delicious. Oddly, McDonalds sundaes are pretty good and compared to gourmet sundaes, they aren’t too many points. What a luscious treat!

The neat thing about the weight watchers plan isn’t that they tell you what you can or cannot eat, but instead give you the DATA you need to be successful. You can go for point efficiency, which would be maximum health, or somedays you can store up points for a decadent treat.

I also really haven’t mentioned that there is a 49 point buffer for the WEEK on my 35 points/day. So I’m actually EXCEEDING the plan by following the 35 points. The neat thing is that if I go over, I know the 49 point buffer exists and I don’t have to worry about a point or two. I like the design of the plan.


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    Being in the “CHANGE” gaining weight happens Ouch I hate it… I have tried all that worked for me before and nothing. BUT… You have inspired me to keep trying when I really just want to give up. Congrats. ;o) “I am watching you” LOL

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