Week 2 – Day 1 – Made it all the way to 9AM without a Diet Coke

182.5 – 4.5 pounds down.

6:30A – My wife REALLY wants me to stop drinking diet coke. I really don’t want to. But to honor her, I’ve brought two fizzy waters. I suppose I’ll try. I REALLY don’t want to. I like that nasty stuff.

8:47A – I bought a diet coke. I’ll try again tomorrow.

1:03P – Feeling great. 5 oz of salmon (mmmmm good), 21 pop chips + salsa (0 point), 1 point cheese from weight watchers, 2 point yogurt, 3 point carrot. Feeling quite satisfied.

1:03P – oh yea, I did get a fizzy water. Yuk. But I put these flavorings in them to make them taste good. Maybe I can give up diet coke?!!!

1:05P – It occurs to me that it could be an awfully long 5 hours until dinner. fingers crossed.

6:00P – Made it to dinner. 23 points before, 7 points chicken and veggies. 3 point ice cream and 2 point egg.

8:15P – Brush teeth so as not to be tempted.

I’m going to stop writing so often, and only hit the high points or the really funny or poignant stuff from now on.

10:21P – Laying in bed. Hungry.


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