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  • Image Verification not displaying numbers or letters August 28, 2015
    Attn Shotgun:

    I was trying to send a message since I forgot my login password and when “Image Verification” came up the box did not contain any letters or numbers just background colors. Refreshed and the same thing came up. Exited NROA, got back on, same thing.


  • Arctic Fox 27-5L with Slides In August 28, 2015
    Hi everyone,
    I’m a new member to the forum, and have been reading a lot of your great posts – I appreciate everyone sharing all aspects of their Northwood experiences.

    My wife and I are researching RV options that would fit our plans for both the shorter term (local pre-retirement vacations), and the longer term (retired, longer cross-country vacations).

    We had a 24′ travel trailer for a number of years, but have been without an RV for about 15 years now – and boy, there are a lot of changes.

    Anyway, we’ve been looking at options from motorhomes (Class A, B, and C), to truck campers, and believe we may have finally settled on a 5th wheel, if we could find the right floorplan.

    With our previous (non-slide) travel trailer, it was common for us to pull over for lunch, dinner, or to use the bathroom facilities while travelling.

    After reviewing hundreds of floorplans from 99 model lines, from 24 different manufacturers, we think we may have found one from Arctic Fox, that would meet our preferences (the 27-5L).
    Our preferences were:
    – a length of 30′ to a maximum 33′ (shorter is better)
    – a free standing table/chairs dining area (vs. a fixed dinette)
    – a minimum of two reclining seating positions.
    – functional access to the sink, stove, refrigerator, and restroom with the slides in.
    and not absolutely required, but bonus points for:
    – a rear kitchen
    – availability of a generator
    – availability of auto-levelers
    – no slide out on the passenger side

    From the online floorplans, pictures, and videos we’ve seen, the Arctic Fox 27-5L looks like it ticks all of those boxes. One thing we haven’t been able to confirm is the access with the slides retracted.
    As we are located in NH, the closest dealer to us is more than 300 miles away, so trying to see one in person would be challenging. We’d love to see some pictures/video of the interior with the slides in, but haven’t been able to find any. Is there anyone that could point us to some, or have some photos they would be willing to share? Lacking photos, can anyone comment on the interior access with the slides in?

    Thanks again,
  • Nash brochures August 28, 2015
    I have been trying to obtain product brochures and the only page I can find is this one

    But the login username from this forum does not work even tho its from the same server and when I try to register, it kicks me back to the main site which I already have registration from. How do I go about login in to view the brochures.

    Thank you
  • Rid POS Jayco August 27, 2015
    We are sitting here in our new Fox Mountain that replaced the POS Jayco. It fell apart more on the way to trade it in on the Fox, fortunately they did not look too close. Night and day difference between the two. We needed some soap for the bath we took on the Jayco but it was worth it in the end. The Fox Mountain fits our permanent site very well. We will still be traveling in our Arctic Fox 29-5T.

  • AF 24-5N Mods August 26, 2015
    Last night I was checking out a bunch of previous posts on this site, and I saw a great thread where someone was posting info on mods they did to a 24-5N, and several of the mods showed photos of where “hidey holes” are in the body of the camper. I have spent the last half hour trying to find that thread. I tried all sorts of searches, and have yet to find it. Can anyone help? The post had a bunch of pictures of things the author did to his camper, but I cannot find the post now.
  • 2006 Desert Fox 21SW Toy Hauler, Rare Quality, $18500 (Colville, WA) August 26, 2015
    2006 Excellent Desert Fox, 21SW Toy Hauler…Old Grandpaps & Granny, selling their mid-life “dream” trailer, bumper pull box…amazingly great rig for any use: toys (gas or not, we did not load any gas ones, traveling to family, moving lots of stuff to new homes, etc.)…we bought a small motorhome as we have become snowbirds, so we are selling NOW, asking $18,500. Recently Listed…call or email, I can send many good pixs!…509-684-2111 Vaughn is contact.

    … see the enclosed, ” Rest of the Story” regards this super nice “Hauling Traveler”…no I am not a salesperson, never have been, just a hopefully, a normal guy selling a piece of our family history…happy, sad…life changes!

    ***Original Owners & Only Driver was Papa!
    ***Primarily we used it for across state trips to family gatherings…some low key camping & similar relaxed traveling.
    ***We bought a toy hauler instead of a camper trailer because we liked the big interior home-like space, flexible uses, moving, etc…not feel closed in like most rigs…we bought 21 feet long cuz it’s perfect for highway, gas station fill ups, country outdoor recreation, driveability, etc…yet the Desert Fox (DF) has plenty of weight & heavy duty chassis for non-paved roads & strong winds (we lived in Cody, Wyoming when we bought it…never had big problems in the power windy state!)
    ***NEVER did we use it to carry power gas toys!…not against power toy recreation just not what we wanted…hauled couple pedal bicycles & small kayaks on very rare occasions as I normally loaded same on our truck topper.
    ***90%+ of the use was on pavement…otherwise just going to campsites on decent gravel roads or similar.
    ***”The Dark Age”?…immediately upon buying the super toy hauler rig, we had major family health challenges…we were blessed if we used it once or twice a year for the next several years. I did do proper care, love, maintenance, winterization, run the generator regularly, mouse & critter proof, etc…waited for the good future…it came & we have had great adventures!
    ***Northwoods Manufacturer of Artic Fox, Nash and Desert Fox are noted for top cabin RVs…one the best if not the best for toy haulers the work, beautiful, low maintenance, et al…we still like the simple design beauty of our “Foxy Hauler” over the new ugly “bubble fat shaped, retro-style” DFs & other brands now on the market.
    ***Hoping to find new owners who would love and care for this nice DF as much as we did.
    ***Our DF was deluxe with key upgrade package: wired for solar (we did not add the panels), Big 16″ diameter wheels (not the wimpy, unsafe ones you see on rigs today), attachable Bar-B-Q with propane connection to the rig.
    ***Two queen beds in bunk style which can be motor elevated to the ceiling for toy and big stuff loading.
    ***covered spare tire mount on tail load gate.
    *** whole house fan over the bunks.
    ***and more that I cannot remember…crazy brain?

    ***most the boring standard feature list can be found online or call me & I can scan & email.
    ***Onan 4000 microquiet gas generator, runs off the fuel station, only 30 hours (we are good weather travelers, every couple months I fire up the generator for approx 20 minutes to keep her in shape, take batterie indoors with winter, do no running then)…runs great & starts easy.
    ***Kenwood receiver with CD & indoor and outdoor good speakers…poor neighbors I use it often near my shop.
    *** Carefree canopy-awning is like new…rarely used.
    ***TV wired, antennae, exterior cable ports & cabinet over sink for screen, etc.
    ***34 gallon gas fuel station with niffy looking gas dispenser!…fuels onboard generator…fills gas toys…I use it to fill lawn mower & yard tools, car gas emergencies…be in withdrawal not having this…have to go buy gas cans, ugh?
    ***78 gallon water tank…never have run short.
    ***37 gallon black water & 46 gallon grey water tanks, plenty!
    ***tongue power jack.
    ***big 8 cubic ft refridge…works perfect either AC or Propane …never have shut off propane at gas station & not blown anything up!..saved the day when our power went out for couple days!
    ***lots of other cool stuff…walk on roof…roof luggage rack (never used cuc plenty storage inside & in my truck topper…if you like traveling & not sleeping in other folks DNA & dirt, you savor this home size “on the road again” living…this is a multi-use rig, lock the furniture to the walls like loading power toys & use it for a yoga sutdio, what the heck?
    *** real nice bath shower, real deal, grandma used it without complaints, good!

    ***when brand new, installed upgraded very heavy duty, “Dexter” brand axles with better fit than factory (remember Northwoods is probably the best upper range toy hauler maker).
    *** Upgraded from the weaker factory few leafs, factory leaf springs (to weak for real travel), now 6 leaf stacks!
    ***BIG DEAL!!!…MAY 2015, few months ago, I upgraded (even though what we had was probably good) to: new Cooper brand heavy duty trailer tires, Dexter (lifetime quality) suspension equalizer center rocker blocks (between the axles to keep things balanced and smooth) & best Monroe shocks…$3000 worth of safety & peace of mind for mega miles to come!
    ***when new, I caulk sealed “all” the assembly line under carriage manufacture cracks & minin holes, tubing, pipes, etc….no mice or other critters to gain entry or make homes like wasps and other bugs…no bugs for my lady!…also continue to use self leveling roof caulk if/when see potential issues.
    ***replaced factory mediocre batteries with high quality 6 volts wired as 12 volts for better life and power…done by professional RV …almost all the upgrades have been done by professionals even though I am compulsive about good work results.
    ***recently replaced driving marker lights with LEDs, brand new.
    ***new grab bars on the interior & exterior entry door…see pixs…added a doggie barrier so no torn out screen door!
    *** Custom Trailer Storage Cover (top of line) $500 plus…includes side entry & tail gate zipper openings…like new…and, storage wheel & spare tires covers (grey).
    ***Max Air, Skylight roof vent protective covers…no broken vents here!…heavy duty…keeps most rain water out if you forgot to close the roof vents.
    ***Brinks heavy duty, strong steel padlock on tail gate plus interior side, I installed sliding garage bar locks.
    ***new Shurflo water pump…upgrade pumping connections for EZ winterizing & winter travel to not worry about the outdoor shower & pressurized hose fill female fitting on the trailer body.
    ***installed coat & other well placed hanger racks and hooks… my wife “perfectly” installed the quality quilted drawer & cabinet liners, nice white & red checkerboard pattern, clean…another perfection compulsive in the family?
    ***NO stains, NO noticeable wood scratchs (few minor ones expected with use)…NO power toy gouges in the back walls cuz never had them in the trailer…NO abuse of any kind…some aging marks outside, butyl caulk came from factory and I reinforce same with 50 yr GE clear silicone so pickup some minor dirt stains there…there are typical hair line decal cracks, mostly on the lower sides (thought of having it re-decaled, out of time now)…fiberglas outside skin could use a ZEP or equal wax job this year or next…otherwise everything I can think of seals nicely (windows, doors, vents, etc.)…you will enjoy this outfit for many years with low maintenance & maximum fun!

    …I am starting to feel sad again, better stop waving attributes…will miss Foxy!…must move on to our Born Free motorhome/coach for senior living & travel to Lake Havasu winter home…Priase the Lord!
    Wish all you the best & thanks for you time reading my story!
    Best Always,
    Colville, Washington
  • LED bulbs August 25, 2015
    4- 921-17-5630 natural white (4500K), 595 lumens, Samsung led , purchased from M4products, too bright for fixture $8 each
  • Sold my 29-5T August 25, 2015
    Just wanted to drop in one last time to tell you guys and gals how much I have enjoyed being a part of the forum and thank all of you for lots of help and the great comments and advice you have afforded me. You guys and gals are the best and again many thanks.

    About 3 weeks or so ago I posted that my wife Patsy had passed away suddenly (i deeply appreciate all the kind words, prayers and condolences sent my way) and that I would be selling our 2013 Artic Fox 29-5T. I was very blessed that I was not forced or under any pressure to sell it. I just knew that at my age, I would not be pulling out my place again without my 58 year best friend and companion. For me, I know I did the right thing by selling the Artic Fox to a very nice gentleman in Minnesota. The entire sale process went super from start to finish and I am very glad to see such a good man become the new owner.

    Once more, you guys are super and I wish all of you many miles of safe and happy travel. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  • Question for 25Y Owners August 25, 2015
    Made a list of minor items for the dealer. One of the items was the trim in the corners of the toilet room, anyway, there is tan trim in the two corners on the window side but no trim on the corners on either side of the door. The dealer called Northwood and was told that some corners have it and some do not. This room looks unfinished and the corners with just the clear caulking are sloppy. Also the tall storage area outside has the trim on one side and not on the other. It seems odd. Is this the case with other 25Y’s?
  • Elec awning pulling gutter loose via the awnings poly cord August 22, 2015
    When I roll up the elec awning, the awning gets almost to the top, then the tension of the awning rolling up, pulls on the gutter. This gutter also has the poly cord of the awning attached to the awning. Then the gutter pulls away from the siding. Not much maybe 3/8 or ½ inch.

    I haven’t removed gutter to look at yet. Was wondering if this might be a common problem and maybe simple fix?

    Anybody else have this problem? Any help or ideas?

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  1. Gary says

    I just bought a 2003 Arctic Fox, 33.5′ 5th wheel. Few Questions:
    1) Are the slide out awnings necessary? Any idea where I can get those, or is any RV sales company okay?
    2) Is it necessary to have a working battery when using 120v power? I was told if the battery is bad the converter would be ruined. I plan on living it it in one place for next 4 years while in school.
    3) Any idea where the VIN number is located?
    4) Is it necessary to have it 100 percent level?
    5) The entrance door lock is broken and I can’t get in. Can any RV service company fix this?
    Thank you

  2. says


    Good questions.
    1) I’m not sure on the AF. I do NOT have them on my fifth wheel and it is designed so that water does not drain into the RV. You can find the slide awnings on Amazon. Start you search on Amazon here ->

    2) I DO think that not having a battery would be hard on the converter. The converter is designed to charge the batteries and power is taken off of the batteries. The batteries are like a “smoother” for the power demands. You should be able to find a deep cycle marine/RV battery for around $100 just about anywhere.

    3) No. Check the inside of the doors in the basement. Also check around the fifth wheel hitch where it is likely to be stamped into the metal.

    4) It doesn’t have to be perfect, but your refrigerator will burn up without being level. Also, you do not want to create a situation where the 5th wheel could move dangerously down a hill.

    5) Yes. You might be able to as well. You can find replacements at an RV dealer OR on Amazon.

    Good luck.

  3. Gary Smith says

    Hello Mystery Person:

    Those sure were great tips! Thank you. I have decided to get a service company to come out (if they will) and check all the wiring before I start living in my AF. It only had one battery; although there is a place for two. I took that one dead battery to an auto repair store, and he’s charging it; he told me it looks like it’s going to hold its charge. I’m worried, though, that if whoever I bought it from actually bought it at an auction, they may not really don’t anything about the wiring. Even though when I went to pick it up, they had the 120v plugged in and the lights were working inside and out and the front jack switch was working too. But when we brought it home, the truck that was pulling it didn’t supply enough power to get that front jack switch working like it did when it was plugged into the 120v. And, if it was just sitting around for a long period of time without 120v going to it, then the battery would have normally and naturally discharged. I guess without 120v, it couldn’t have recharged itself – which means (and by the way, I’m only guessing on all of this), that the converter may be good. So, if the battery is charged by tomorrow morning “holding its charge,” then how can I know if the converter is good? When I plug my AF in to the 120v, is the converter designed to keep the battery charged? If the converter is bad, even when the 120v is plugged in, will the power drain the battery too? Should I have two batteries, to purchase another one because there is a slot for a second battery? And just so you can get the full picture, my RV is in our driveway, setup, where I plan on living in it for the next four years, no camping, always plugged into 120v. I hope you don’t mind answering my questions and helping me get used to this type of living. That was smart about the refrigerator needing to be level. That’s like why people say not to lay them on their side, something to do with oil, which is probably the reasoning behind needing the rv level or the refer will go bad. That was another great tip on where to start looking for awnings. Thanks very much!

  4. says

    I’m no mystery person – I’m Marlan Winter and run all of! (check out )

    From your description above, your converter sounds fine. I don’t think I would bother with a 2nd battery. If this one goes out, just go pick up another one. Temperature, usage, heat, and running out of water are what wear the batteries out.

    Here is one article I wrote about battery care:
    Here is a video collection on batteries:
    Here is a video collection on converters:
    Here is a fun article about using your battery:

    With a fully operational converter you’ll usually have one of the following voltage levels – Equalizing (15 vdc), Bulk (14.2 vdc), and Float (13.2 vdc). Most of the time your inverter will be 13.2Volts. You can get a voltmeter at Radio Shack. If your voltages get to be 12 or 11, then definitely your inverter is not working.

    I have no idea on how to know if your wiring is good. I guess check every single thing in the RV. But it is really the UNSEEN wiring issues that will get you. For those, I don’t have any idea how to check. Generally they will show up quick I would think – like right after the RV has been moved. That will be a short or something similar. Or a birds nest where it shouldn’t be.

    Good luck Gary!

    Cheers, Marlan

  5. Gary Smith says

    Thank you, Marlin.

    I will be sure to watch those videos.

    I like your website.


  6. says

    Thanks Gary. Those kind words go a long way.

    If you want to help me out a little – doing any sharing or liking or linking to my pages would be super great!

    If I don’t hear from you again soon, have a GREAT weekend.


  7. Gary Smith says

    Hi Marlan

    I have only just begun the awesome adventure of RV living. I am a little intimidated by all the new gadgets of newer RVs compared to the 70s model we had when I was a youngster. However, my wife, 2-year old daughter and I lived in another old tt in 97; I bought it for 1600; it had no air, no heat and mice. She was pregnant at the time too. That 2-year old is now graduating high school this year. Anyway, I am writing you again to tell you that my apprehension to beginning living in an RV while going to law school (need total quitness studying) is real owing to all the buttons, switches, alarms, signals, gauges, along with auto this and auto that found inside my 2003 AF – yes, quite intimidating. However, your website is unbelievably filled with every single unanswered question I have been asking myself (and RV stores) since I started looking a month ago for my new “home.”

    Your website is filled with absolutely awesome articles: more informative and knowledge-based articles than any RV store or RV technician could ever know! WOW! I don’t feel as “all-alone” as I once did knowing “if I have ever thought of an issue, the solution to that is in rv52 somewhere!” All I have to do is type in my search question.

    To be totally safe, though, I’m going to hire an RV tech to come out and give me a demo of all the fancy junk that’s inside my new home just so I’ll have a fresh, safe, and great start. Then, I plan on reading all of your articles pertinent to my AF. Thank you so much, Marlan, for taking the time to develop such an awesome and “FREE” website!

    Your new “hooked” customer;

    Gary Smith

  8. Gary Smith says

    I have a 2003 Arctic Fox 33.5′ fifth wheel. I live in it full time.

    Early this morning, I smelled what normally smells like hot or burning wires. I checked and felt the fusses for heat: nothing there. I traced it down to the water heater that is stored underneath where the television goes. I had just used the hot water, maybe a few gallons; so, it was heating up when I began to smell that burning wire smell. The two 110v wires coming out of the receptacle box that go into the water heater were warm, but not hot. Nevertheless, when I opened the door below the television to access the water heater, the smell of burning wires was overwhelming. Eventually, the smell lessened, but it nonetheless, smells the same, just not as intense because the hot water is not being used at the moment to keep the water heater from going full blast.

    Is this a normal smell for my RV water heater?

    I do not know what to think about this.

    Thank you for any advise you have about this strange wire-burning smell coming from the water heater area.

    Gary Smith

  9. says


    That does not sound normal or safe. Call someone right away. Turn your hot water heater off. Is the hot water heater both ac powered and/or gas powered? If so, you might consider switching to lp gas mode. By the way, lp gas is very economical to heat water.

    I will pass this along to my favorite RV repair experts.


  10. Gary Smith says

    Well, as weird as it this may be, it only did it that one day. I spent today cleaning my RV, and in the process, I stuck my face down inside that lower cabinet; the smell was not there.

    The water heater does operate with either gas or electric. Because I’m a new rv’er, I am not going to teach myself how to ignite the gas at this time. However, speaking of LP, my stovetop works; but for some reason, the gas heater’s flame doesn’t ignite. I can hear it click ever 15 seconds or so, but it never fires.

    I was wondering when the tanks are low if that might cause the furnace not to spark a flame. It must be that because I took the furnace out back in March when I bought this home and took it to an LP supplier to make sure there were no leaks. When it stopped working in late spring, I began to smell rotten eggs making me think the tanks were low. Because it was nearing summer when I noticed it wouldn’t fire, I didn’t worry about it. Now that it’s winter, I am going to look closer into why it’s not firing – but I believe it’s because the tanks are low, but not too low for the stove top to work.

    Thanks for your answers all the time.

    If you have any thoughts about the furnace not firing, please let me know. :-)


  11. says

    It is not weird at all.

    The RV hot waters I am familiar with are electrically ignited, just like your gas heater. So it should not be much more than flicking on a switch. Then you will hear the roar of the heater.

    Please do me a favor and make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working. The stats on CO poisoning are surprising.

    Yes, all sorts of odd things happen on low gas. We always keep one tank valve on and one off. That way we never are stranded without gas. When one gets empty, we switch the valves over to the full one.

    Let me know when you are ready to write a story about your full timing adventure and I will publish it on RV52.


  12. Gary Smith says

    Hey, that’s great advice, one on and one off. lol, I should have thought of that, but I didn’t because of the dual tank regulator – it may not be working correctly, and that may be why I was smelling low gas. I did change the two hoses earlier in the year. I’m going to check that as soon as I get caught back up on my class work.

    A few months ago I had sprayed Lysol on the floor near the front door. All of a sudden, a shriek blasted in my ear, and I eventually realized it was the CO gas sensor. I know that works!

    As far as writing my full-time experiences rv’ing, you just happen to be talking my language. Other than that extra “it” in the first paragraph of my previous message, I do write well. That’s not supposed to be boastful; I’m a full-time legal studies college student online at Kaplan University, and writing legal essays is all I seem to do! Thankfully, I will graduate in March; but the writing won’t be over, because in the fall of 2015, I’ll be taking my home to south Florida to live there while in law school. Therefore, I will take you up on writing the commentary as soon as I get caught up in my class work. That will be one day next week. Thanks for asking me to do that.


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