1. Those are good points about the downsides of a second 1/2 bath. It’s easy to forget the issues of leaks and maintenance when you’re RV shopping.

  2. Occassionally there are those times when more than one person really needs to use the bathroom (toilet) at the same time :/ Thats fine if you happen to be in a park that has public restrooms as an alternative, but my husband and I currently live in a mobile home park during the weekdays that does not have public restrooms..nor does the tiny town where its located. I would think a second toilet in our next RV would come in VERY handy in our particular situation.

  3. Being use to having 2 toilets in our home and taking medicine, my wife n I can’t wait for someone to vacate the throne to releave ourselves. Its now r oooops! We need the 1/2

  4. My husband and I are full time rv’ers and could not live without the bath and a half like we have in our Fleetwood! Just as in our house, before we started this journey, we tend to occupy both rooms at the same time. When one is in the shower, or getting ready, the second half bath gives everyone else freedom to use the facilities without disturbing your privacy and peace.

  5. We are torn. We are shopping for an RV for our family with 4 teens (3 of them girls). If we do go with a second 1/2 bath, what other options might there be for “emergencies”?

  6. Don’t be torn. I think if you have that many kiddos with you that a 1/2 bath isn’t so bad. For me, it never seemed worth it, but you have 2x as many kids as we did. The other options? Well it depends where you are? If in a decent park, there will be other facilities. If you are out in the boonies – well there is always a tree or bush nearby. Might need to have a spade handy. I’m not sure what the “rules” would be on something like that. Ok for bears but anymore it is illegal for people!

  7. Thank you so much for replying! I am looking at portable toilet units as an alternative as well. Not the most fun to clean, but it might open more options for RV models and allow us to choose one without this issue as a deal breaker. On the other hand, do you know when toy haulers started having a second bathroom? I’m hoping to find a used RV in the magic year’s model that has a second toilet, but still the traditional living area layout and an empty garage… Although perhaps the first year they had second bathrooms might not be the wisest if they had not yet worked out the problems…

  8. With RVs, I wouldn’t get too worried about quality. They are sure to let you down no matter the brand. Why? Because RVs are movable homes with thin walls built on a chassis with what I would call a “homebuilder” mindset. Also, no one runs enough volume through – like a car maker – to actually get to a level of pseudo-perfection.

    If you set your expectations that there will be things wrong, you’ll be fine.

    I don’t know the year, but they’ve been doing them for a long time. I LOVE the toy haulers. Those dual retractable queen beds are really cool. Then with the lofts and the master bed – each kid should be in great shape. The other thing I like about a toy hauler is the 3rd axle. Everyone overloads an RV and they simply aren’t that safe. With an extra axle, you should always be at a safe hauling weight – assuming you are looking at the big boy 5th wheel type.

  9. I have been reading about only 1 black and gray tank, and from what I have seen on manufacturers sites, i see no 4 tank standard options. There are also portable tanks that attach outside the coach which bring their own unique challenges. I have also been reading about the style of the second toilet being a macerator type that possibly alleviates some of the issues with regard to capacity. That version has its own issues from other items I have read, and from what I have seen in my unit. I only have a single bathroom currently. At the end of the day, if you RV by yourself I see one bathroom being fine, but if you have a spouse, friends or grand kids, I see little downside. Cleaning needs to be done thoroughly whether it is a storage area or bathroom, i realize that there is a difference, but there appears to be a lot of benefits to it I do appreciate all your insights!

  10. My wife and I moved into our first RV fulltime August of 2016. We looked at several RV’s but when we found the one with the 1/2 bath, that was the selling point.
    We haven’t regretted the decision, ever.
    We and our guests have privacy. We can use the bathroom at the same time.
    Logistically, there is a Y fitting for my sewer hoses so I have them both hooked up at the same time and empty and rinse in one session.
    They do get full quick, but then, I don’t have anything to compare it to. We tend to dump the tanks every 3 days.
    I have a 2007 Forest River Georgetown 370xl
    2 gray and 2 black tanks. 2 connections for flushing the black tanks.

  11. I came to this page looking for someone who has added a tub to the toy hauler. We are about to retire and are planning on going full time in a 5th wheel. The only thing I don’t want to do without is my bathtub. I love to soak and for that matter, so does my husband. Anyone have some ideas about adding a small room next to the 1/2 bath with a tub?

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