Teardrop trailer used as fantastic portable wood tone bar

Neat little teardrop trailer used as a portable wood tone bar is just too cool

While browsing around on the internet, found this really cool little teardrop. As it turns out, these little teardrops are a real headturner and can be used for advertising and publicity stunts just like those little smart cars or great bit hummers.

Find a longer article here : http://dsc.discovery.com/life/high-end-trailer-lets-you-tailgate-in-luxury-and-fights-aids.html

Tailgating has long been about the simple pleasures- cold beer, burgers on the grill, a pickup football game with cars for field markers. But a one-of-a-kind trailer called the Woody is looking to class things up, adding a big dash of luxury to the pre-game tradition and outdoor entertaining in general.

Check it out!

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