Ten Worst ( or Darned Bad ) Gifts for RV’ers

Gifts for space, time, and geography “unique” peeps Ahh December. The month and time of the year when anyone with a RV oriented website and an Amazon affiliate account is making their articles with the obligatory “10 best gifts for RV’ers”, or “Gifts to put under the RV Christmas Tree” in hopes that somehow the […]

RV Basics : Instructional Video for extending a manual awning – NOT!

My first attempt as an ‘actor’!  I was going to make an instructional video for something so simple as extending a Dometic RV awning. The first time is always a little tricky, but once you know how it isn’t too bad. I thought it would be helpful. This actually ISN’T the video I would want […]

Keeping the RV Clean and Neat

Here is an update to the original post. Sheri and I no longer recommend these mats at all. AT BEST, they would work for light duty and getting in/out of the RV. Even though we really liked it and the people who introduced us to them really liked them, we have already thrown ours into […]

RV Lifestyle : The Bombing Mission

As Sheri and I visit Nebraska we run across many different people. Nebraska is very sparsely populated – approximately the same amount of people live in Nebraska that live in greater Austin Texas! I’m building up to a point so bear with me… We’ve noticed that there are RV’ers who consider themselves part of the […]