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  1. I am NOT technical at all. I like your set up. However, I could not find your Clear Wireless item. Is there a substitute? I do not have smart phone, but, would that work.

  2. Thanks for asking Rose. Clear Wireless is a wireless internet service that was recently bought by Sprint. I could not find it on the Sprint website so I cannot tell you how to purchase it. I fear that Clear is soon to be no more.

    So, the big question is whether or not you are mobile. If you are mobile then you have very view options, and really none that let you stream movies. Movies take just too much data. One option is SinglePoint Communication which uses cellular systems. I haven’t personally tried it. Another option would be satellite.

    If you are NOT mobile, then you can substitute the Clear box with a cable modem box or DSL box or Uverse box. These are really good options.

    To make the diagram I have work, you could not use a smart phone because the system I’ve outlined relies on the wireless coming into the Apple Airport Extreme via an Ethernet plug.

    I once substituted the Airport Extreme for a special cellular router from a company call Cradlepoint. You have to also get a cellular service and the correct cellular modem. I didn’t have very good luck with it.

    I hope this helps.

  3. Thanks for your quick reply.
    My skeptical nature tells me that Sprint purchased to take it off the market. Your system would take cable/internet business in a new direction. I suspect too much monies would be lost if we cut off our cable ties.

  4. We are new to RVs. In fact we are picking up our Class B LTV this week.
    I have a Macbook pro and an apple TV. I am pretty sure I do not need all the items on your configuration plus your post is old. Can you give me any tips for 2014? Thanks….

  5. How about ” Broadband Q ” , 3G and 4G, no cap, wireless service ? Could it replace Clear Wireless ?

  6. A quick check of their website makes me think “Yes it could replace the Clear Wireless”. They use the same technology as Alltel, Verizon, and Sprint so you SHOULD be able to check those coverage maps and get a reasonable estimate of where you could use these radios. I also see that Broadband Q is pretty high price on their monthly plans which explains how they are able to get by with removing the data caps. Some 3G towers will allow pretty quick 3G and some towers you might not get much. That is just the nature of the wireless business. But it looks like a pretty neat idea and worth a try.

  7. Keith, When I wrote this article I was living in an RV which had a built in antenna like this one ( RV Antenna ).

    However, I’ve been using the following antenna very successfully. It is hard to believe, but this Mohu antenna outperformed much larger and much more expensive rabbit ears and this one looks good!

    Hope this helps.

  8. I am considering installing your recommended motorhome TV and entertainment system, but have several questions. I’ll let fire off with the first one, not necessarily in order of importance :-)

    Does this configuration enable the front TV and rear (bedroom) TV images and sound to be synchronized (i.e., simultaneous images and sound)? Sometimes I would like the same program to be viewed concurrently on the two (or even a third outside TV). I know at my stick built home this is a problem, in that set top boxes from my cable TV supplier have different speeds, so one is a few seconds ahead of the other. Very irritating!

    If your configuration produces simultaneous images and sound, what components or capabilities enable this? Thanks so much.

  9. I’m pretty sure this configuration doesn’t even come close to doing this for VIDEO. I don’t know of a system that does this, not that one doesn’t exist. Left to my own devices, I would probably try to see if I could distribute the HDMI signal, but still you are stuck with the fact that the TVs might have a render delay.

    Now it turns out that with iTunes and Airport Express WiFi Modems you can actually play music to ALL Airports simultaneously. I’m guessing that Sonos can do that too. The Apple capability is called Airtunes. You would have a speaker connected to the Airport Express using a 3.5″ Audio plug.


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