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  1. Does anyone have trouble with condensation inside the cabinets on their travel trailer? We have a 2013 Rockwood Ultra Lite trailer & have condensation inside the cabinets when it’s 40 degrees or below & have the furnace on. We’re worried about mold & mildew forming. The manufacturer tells us this is normal.
    Any comments?

  2. Our Open Range 2010 399BHS has metal frame windows. The metal frames have a direct heat conducting path from the outside to the inside. Because of this, when it is cold outside, and if it is particularly humid, the windows collect condensate LIKE CRAZY.

    We have found that mold (I assume mold) does collect on the windows because of this just like you suspect could happen. For us it DOES happen. I feel confident that this is unavoidable for the given windows – but I suspect if I look hard I could find windows that do not have this direct heat conducting path from outside to inside.

    We wipe down the window frames every spring to get rid of the moldy buildup. I have no idea if the mold is unsafe or not.

    I’ve also noticed that any metal frame piece that is located in the wall will also cause condensate. My guess is that the metal frame somehow is a pretty direct connection between the outside and the inside in your Rockwood. Also, maybe because there is not too much moving air inside the cabinets, they are less likely to evaporate.

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