1. I was unable to open the file to print the owner’s manual. Any suggestions…thanks.

  2. We have just purchased a 2007 Puma 5th wheel Model#253FBS Could you please email me the owners manual for this particular model, as we need to do some maintenance and need to know where to find the location of valves and electrical components.
    Thank you
    Mary Anne

  3. I’am in need of a 2004 user manual for a sunnybrook
    travel trailer. Any Sugg.

  4. Hi, I’m looking for a manual for a 2008 puma model 29rkss, I’m not able to get on the link above.

  5. i have a 2014 columbus palamino 5th wheel that the bedroom slide is stuck into the position and the slide motor dosent work how do i access the set screw from the outside to remove the motor?

  6. Trying get owners manuel was suppose to be e mailed and never was. I do I get one? In need of one . 2004 Sunnybrook Travel Trailer. Titan 35 BWS.

  7. Rachele – you mean Winnebago was going to mail you one? Honestly, what do you want to do with it. The RV users manuals are very lame. In fact, you’ll do better with simply knowing what items you want to know about and going to their manuals direct (like the fridge or the furnace). The towing information is very generic – you could use anyone’s manual. The safety information is very general. I have yet to find a very customized users manual for any particular unit. I think that they are too expensive to do for the RV companies.

  8. I would like a manual for a 2015 25th anniversary Palimino Puma 31 foot travel trailer. We bought the trailer from a friend. Would it be possible
    for us to get a copy?

  9. I uploaded the 2015 Users manual and put a link to it here:

    You’ll be disappointed with RV users manuals as they tend to be very very general. That is why I wrote supplementary manuals here ( ). This says 5th wheel but most of the information will apply equally well on a travel trailer.

    If you want me to send you a paper copy, let me know. I’d charge $50 for the convenience, but I’m happy to do it if it helps you out.

  10. Hi,

    Looking for manual for 2010 Palomino Puma Series M-31KBHSS that I just bought.

    thank you,


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