RV TV – Big Screen is Built in

RV TV – The Big Screen LCD TV

Most RV’s now have LCD TV’s that come with them. Honestly, the RV TV tends to be a lower end LCD TV. Ours is from a company called Sansui. You can buy a Sansui, but I think there are brands that you can get for a modest adder in price at best.

I probably won’t locate any Amazon links or eBay auctions for LCD TV’s since they are “just LCD TV’s” and not anything special for RV’s.

But I think the point is that unless you are looking at a truck camper or camping trailer you should expect an LCD TV to come with the RV. Ours was hooked into our RV Home Entertainment system which provide surround sound for the RV.

Should you need a replacement TV, I’m pretty sure any old TV will do.

One of the neater things I’ve been seeing in travel trailers is having the LCD TV mounted on a swivel. The swivel is neat in that you can turn the TV to be showing in the bedroom OR showing in the living room depending upon where you are. That is pretty cool I think.


RV Big Screen Television

RV Big Screen Television

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