RV Sewer Connection – Fifth Wheel Pictorial Guide

The RV Sewer Connection

The RV sewer connection is one of the most talked about, most joked about, and most problematic areas of the RV. MOST RV’s of any appreciable size have one. The basic setup for RV’s is that there are TWO tanks. One that is a black tank for human waste ( from the RV toilet ) and one for gray water which attaches to the sinks and showers. Both of these tanks have a large valve that you can open/close and the output of that valve then is routed from both the tanks to a single connection which is the sewer connection that you’ll see here.

What connects to the RV Sewer connection

From this connection, you can have a hose or pipe which then connects to a legal place to dump your black and gray tanks. I say legal because you simply cannot empty your black tank anywhere. That is not legal and not cool. When parks or places you camp do not have a place for you to dump your black tank, the expectation is that when you leave you take your waste with you and somewhere close by you can find a “dump station” that will allow you to empty your tanks for a modest fee.

Storing the RV sewer hose

Along with the connection, you’ll usually find a place to store a short section of flexible hose   which you can take with you and use to empty your black and grey tanks. The hose itself can have a very funny nickname – the stinky slinky. It is worthwhile to note that the slinky does wear out.

I won’t touch on it here except to list a few of the areas that black and grey tanks cause discussion around. As with many things on this planet, many have lots of passionate arguments on each side of an issue, but few have real facts. You’ll have to take in all the arguments and make your own way.

My PERSONAL big question is WHY DO THE RV’s PIPING NOT FIT WITH STANDARD PVC PIPING YOU CAN FIND IN THE HARDWARE STORES? I know people will say – oh RV manufacturers wanted to reduce weight and make for quick attach connections, but you know what? They could have done that AND been compatible with standard PVC pipe connections.

Whether you admit it or not, part of the human experience is dealing with your own personal waste, and in an RV you have to face it head on. So RV’s have a sewer connection and it is captured in the pictorial guide.

Picture of the RV’s sewer connection :

rv sewer connection

rv sewer connection


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