RV Safe Path Travel London ON Arizona – Gift Card 4 BEST ANSWER

Question: What is the safest path from London Ontario to Phoenix AZ in the first week of January?

Exact text from my reader:

Thanks Marlan  and hello. enjoy your site and I am a rv owner . we pull a jayco designer with a chevy duramax. my wife and I are going to venture to Arizona this winter instead of florida leaving London ont. jan. the 1st.my question is about which way to get down there to avoid as much bad weather as could be going on at that time of year. would I be better to just head south on I-75 to say I-40then head west or take the most direct route through indianna Missouri Oklahoma texas new mexico then into Arizona. would like to hear from you or perhaps you have readers to your site who travel there in the winter months. thanks in advance.

Put your answers in the COMMENTS section below. If you have a legitimate email AND I think you have one of the best answers I’ll send you a $10 gift card (Amazon or Starbucks). Contest is over by the time I send out my August newsletter.


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