RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet

Most RV’s, even the small camping trailers and truck campers, have a kitchen sink with a small faucet. In fact, the small campers will have a small sink OVER a bathroom if faced with having to make the choice.

These sinks are generally VERY small and designed from a lightweight plastic rather than a heavier material like would be in a sticks and frame house.

The faucets themselves are lightweight BUT they follow standard sizes so you can find replacements at your local Lowes or Home Depot. I know, I’ve replaced a bathroom faucet and the kitchen faucet both.

The hot water comes from the RV’s hot water heater. The input to the hot water heater and the cold water for the kitchen faucet both come from EITHER the fresh water tank or the shore water connection. Most of the time, unless boondocking,  your RV will be connected to shore facilities.

The drain for your kitchen faucet then goes to a collection tank which is called the “gray tank”. Its gray because it isn’t clean water and it isn’t from the toilet, called black water. You can’t just dump gray water on the ground for many reasons so you’ll send it to a legal place just like the black water.

I thought I would add a couple of Amazon listings (disclosure) for your convenience here.

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet

RV Kitchen Sink and Faucet


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