RV Home Theater System

RV Home Theater Entertainment System

In our Open Range, we have a RV Home Theater System. This system is kind of neat in that it can drive several speakers in a surround sound system AND the speakers that are located outside in the RV basement.  This system has a CD/DVD player, FM stereo, and has both audio and video controls to be a complete system. In other words, it was made to  handle the TV, not just the audio.

Handling video, not just audio, is only for the higher end RV’s really. Most RV’s have a fairly nice RV Audio System.

The RV manufacturers seem to get specialty systems that are hard to find for the common person for their units. If the system in our Open Range breaks, it would be hard to replace.

In some ways, a home theater system is too much system for many of us. I’ve put in a much nicer system  which handles video better and has bunches of advantages. I’ve also modified my drawing to help people with Sonos speakers. However, my system doesn’t need a tuner for radio or TV, a DVD, or CD player because I have all that in my system already. All  I would need is a surround sound amplifier only. I’ve looked all over but haven’t found one yet.

When you are looking at these systems, your expectations about what to expect should be:

  • Ability to drive primary speakers in living area
  • Ability to play a CD
  • Ability to play FM radio stations
  • BONUS for VIDEO handling
    • DVD player
    • Blu-Ray would be a BIG bonus, but no reason not to now
    • Ability route HDMI
    • Ability to handle over the air and cable inputs

These are some things to think about.

I found a few RV stereos on Amazon (disclosure) in case you are looking for one. Maybe this will help you get started.


RV Home Theater System

RV Home Theater System

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