RV Central Vacuum Hose Receptacle

RV Central Vacuum Hose Receptacle

The RV Central Vacuum system could be one of the sillier ideas in an RV. Its also very easy to implement in an RV – comparatively easier than in a full size sticks and bricks home.

I would only expect such a feature in larger fifth wheels and motorhomes. Also, I would not let this be a factor in your RV buying decision at all.

In the RV basement area, there is usually located a central vacuum unit. Then that vacuum unit is attached to a PVC pipe which then is routed in the sub-flooring to a receptacle like the one shown here. There are also a couple of wires that go with the PVC pipe so that when you plug in the vacuum hose the vacuum unit is turn on.

On one hand, the RV central vac eliminates having to have a vacuum cleaner, which should save space. But you trade out the vacuum cleaner for a very large bunch of hose instead. My guess is that the space savings is a bit of a wash.

One very large advantage to the RV central vac is that when vacuuming, the vacuum unit is OUTSIDE the living space of the RV. I believe, but cannot prove, that it should help in reducing allergens in the RV living space. This is simply not true with a regular vacuum.

You introduce a few additional problems as well such as:

  • Cleaning the filter requires getting into the RV basement which is an inconvenient thing to do.
  • Cleaning the filter requires filters  – which is a pain. You can get filters on Amazon though (disclosure).

If you are interested in an RV central vacuum system or replacement parts, I listed a few Amazon listings here:


RV Central Vacuum Inlet

RV Central Vacuum Inlet

Amazon listings related to rv central vacuum related items:


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