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  1. my camper is an 84 older model the bed room is is the back shower to lit in mile then kitchen the living room. the is a leak in back left corner of bedroom under cabinet. new to rvs anyone know what that might be?

  2. You’re going to have to become friends with getting underneath the camper and see what you can see. I bought one of these ( ). However, I recommend getting a good one and not cheaping-out if you mean business. Most likely a leak is nearby – like the bedroom and it can follow along a construction element (wood, steel, pipe, etc) and then drip out. Water leaks are not easy.

  3. My kitchen sick is clogged and will not drain. We drained the grey water holding tank. Any ideas?

  4. I would suspect the “trap” below the sink. It is the little upside-down-U. They are easy to remove. All you need is a bucket to catch the water then enough of a wrench to turn the large plastic nuts. They are plastic – so if you turn them too hard – then they might break. So be firm – but gentle.

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