1. bought double and single LED light fixtures for my Shasta Flyte. Swapped out the fixtures as above and the only one that worked was the double fixture in the bathroom. Replaced the old incandescents and they work fine. Any ideas as to what could be wrong. The LED are all functional.

  2. the most obvious thing would be that maybe you accidentally got the leads backwards?

    did you try the lights before you screwed them back flush, like when they were only connected to the wires?


  3. Hooked all of them up the same. Black to black and white to white. tried them before mounting flush and they didn’t work.

  4. Well, I would troubleshoot the next steps like this.
    First, I would put a voltmeter on the black/white and see what the voltage was. Since other folks may be reading, I’ll be a little more descriptive – When the switch is off, voltage should be zero, when it is on, should be up around 10V.
    You said that incandescents work off of these wires.
    If there is voltage and the incandescents still work, I would have to suspect something with the LED fixture.
    One thing I’ve noticed, when I just did a bulb-for-bulb replacement (not the whole fixture) that the LEDs wedge style “bulbs” sometimes were very finnicky on being plugged in to the wedge slot. So I would definitely suspect your fixture of not working. I don’t think that if you got the wiring backwards that it would damage the LED fixture – there is a possibility that the maker of the fixture got it switched on you. Can you play with the fixture a bit? Wiggle the lights in the fixture? Maybe even use a voltmeter and trace the voltage to make sure it got to the socket in the fixture?

    Love to hear what you find, so please post back. Good luck.

  5. I got the replacement LED for a two sided incandescent. The RV has black and white wires. I removed the nuts and then attached the LED fixture. It came with black and a red/orange color. I hooked up the black to black and red to white. Nada. Nothing works. I pulled the fuse before the wiring and left the next light on the ceiling on so I could tell when the power was off. I hooked the new one up several times, each time restoring power. Nada. So, at this point I have to assume the new LED fixture is bad or does it go red to black and black to white? I don’t think so~

  6. My next step would be to use a voltmeter and check the voltages on the fixture. I’m assuming it worked just fine with the little incandescent wedge bulbs. Do you have a link to the fixture you bought? Put in on the comment if you can. I agree with you that the LED fixture just should have worked. I never really trust the wire colors, although generally the black tends to be ground or neutral.

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