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  1. Hello ! I am wanting to replace the pleated shades from all of the windows in our RV. I just took them out. All I should have to do is measure width across and I can use that measurement.

  2. You have to measure the width across. Remember, you will want the pleated shade to be wider than the window or you’ll have small gaps in the shades coverage where peeping toms can see in. Also, you have to measure the height and allow for around an inch or more on the top for the pleats to stack up. Then allow for a little space at the bottom. Then you can cover your entire window.

    I’m ASSUMING that this is NOT for a window where the pleat must fit inside of a box. For those you must measure exact, tell the “system” (when you follow the links) that you are doing this for an inset window.

    Hopefully that helps!

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