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Many people wonder what happens with the information gathered on and what I/we do with it.

To contact RV52 for questions regarding this policy, please see:


RV52 has many links that have users leave the RV52 website and go to 3rd party websites. RV52 is sometimes compensated by the 3rd parties when users click on that link. The link itself has identifying information about RV52 that the 3rd party can clearly identify RV52. RV52 does not receive any uniquely identifying information about the user from the 3rd party however. As far as RV52 is concerned the user is anonymous and has no way of making the user un-anonymous.

IP address and web surfing information

IP addresses are recorded as a matter of regular web site operation. Additional information is collected as well. RV52 does not correlate any of the web log information to the user information and has no plans to do so in the future. RV52 does use the information in an anonymous manner to statistically understand how to create a better web site. None of this information is shared with 3rd parties, however the statistics and analyzing capability is provided by a 3rd party, specifically,,, and others. Users are never individually identified.


Users may comment publicly on RV52 in response to articles. When commenting, users must provide an email address. To the extent that the email address is used as part of the WordPress commenting system, or that users indicate when commenting they would opt-in to the newsletter, there no other use of the email address. The email address is kept private from the public. However, other information in the commenting field is made public such as the web URL or the provided name. RV52 may have the right to decline or remove the comment if the comment is found to use profanity or be incorrect, insulting and inappropriate – as determined solely at RV52’s discretion. Users may also be banned from the site for such behavior.

Comments are the responsibility of the commenter.

All users of this site indemnify and release RV52 and its owners from any and all liability from comments that they make on this site. Users also indemnify and agree to release RV52 and its owners from liability of any kind from any and all uses or related uses of this site or its information in exchange for the use or potential use of the site.

Users may request removal of comments which may be removed by RV52 at RV52’s discretion. Users agree that the best way to correct a negative comment would be to have other users post comments on their behalf and agree to utilize commercially reasonable efforts to obtain such positive comments.


RV52 may use cookies to provide a better web browsing experience to users. RV52 does not share cookie information with 3rd parties.

However, 3rd parties that RV52 uses to perform specific functions on RV52’s behalf, may utilize cookies. RV52 does not get access to those cookies.

Tracking and other creepy stuff that sounds worse than it is

RV52 sometimes utilizes capabilities that helps RV52 understand the people that come to RV52 better.

One in particular is that RV52 sometimes (we turn it on and off for speed purposes) utilizes a special pixel from Facebook. When people come to our site and are Facebook users, over time RV52 can get a picture of the types of users that come to RV52 by utilizing Facebook’s analysis tools. By doing this, RV52 can tell Facebook to advertise to a SIMILAR Facebook audience.

Here is what Facebook wants RV52 to put on this privacy policy – it is lots harder to read than what RV52 wrote: “clearly explain that (a) third parties may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect or receive information from your website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads, (b) how users can opt-out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting, and (c) where a user can access a mechanism for exercising such choice –> .”


RV52 may have advertising on its site. This advertising may be administered by a 3rd party advertising entity. RV52 does not share information collected by RV52 with 3rd party advertisers.

If you visit other sites looking for stuff, the 3rd party ad system might show you ads that are relevant to where you were visiting. RV52 has nothing to do with that – it just happens by using the advertising system from the 3rd party (usually Google).


RV52 may have products that it sells to users. To the extent needed to provide the party to the user, RV52 will use that information to deliver that product. RV52 may use that information to contact the user at a later date regarding the use of that product or to provide information about related products. Users may inform RV52 that they no longer want to RV52 to contact them. Contact will be managed through industry standard email management software tools that will provide the opt-in/opt-out capability that users should be familiar with.

Email Newsletter

RV52 has a newsletter. RV52 cannot send email without having the users email address. In addition to the users email address, other optional information may be collected, at the users discretion. This information is used solely for providing a fun birthday email and other personalization, such as addressing users by name. This information is never shared with 3rd parties. However, management of this information, including the sending of the lists is handled by a reputable 3rd party email list management company (mailchimp for example). RV52 believes that these 3rd party email managers provide better security and privacy to the users than managing the email by RV52 itself. Users are sent opt-out information in every newsletter so that it is easy to opt-out. Opting out from the email newsletter will ensure no more newsletters from RV52.

Errors and Omissions

RV52 believes that this privacy policy is 100% accurate. However an error or omission can occur. To correct, RV52 would enjoy being contacted by any party bringing the issue to RV52’s attention. RV52 will then update the policy to reflect the current state.

As part of using, the user understands that RV52 does not provide any warranty or guarantees and that the user use this information completely at their own risk.


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