RV Buying decisions aided with this easy to understand graphic

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RV Buying made easy using a simple infographic

Many of my friends are thinking about the ins-outs of rv buying. Since an RV is a BIG purchase, making sure your purchase is a good fit is important before starting rv buying. Many of my friends that follow rv52 ask me questions like the following :

  • How do I select an RV?
  • What are the main criteria for selecting an RV?
  • How do you use different RV types?
  • Why do different people select different types of RVs?
  • What type of RV should I buy?
  • What type of RV do I need?
  • How do you even figure out which TYPE of RV to buy, let alone what brand?

While selecting an RV is, I think, a personal choice, there are some “main” ideas in selecting an RV that if you at least thought about them might be helpful.

In an effort to help people get a QUICK, FAST, CONCISE method to see some of the factors that affect RV’s, I made up an info graphic that I think is helpful. If you see something you disagree with, please, by all means, drop a comment and I’ll fix the graphic. While I’ve written an article on the RV types, I think this adds a more useful dimension.

RV buying guide infographic

RV buying guide infographic that looks at different usage considerations for Different RV Types. This helps you understand at a glance which kind of RV might be a good fit for you.

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