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RV Plumbing

RV Plumbing

RV plumbing is the number one repair that my local repair guy performs. The number of repairs are probably due to many factors. I’ll list  my theories why plumbing might be so problematic  :

  • RV’s mobility has a definite vibration factor – vibration loosen’s fittings
  • RV’s have water pressure turned on and off all the time. Water cycling cold cause leaks in a water system
  • RV’s water systems are pressurized. This pressurization seems a little leak prone to me
  • I believe that RV’s experience a greater range of temperatures. Temperature cycling would cause leaks due to expansion and contraction of rv plumbing fittings.
  • I cannot prove any of these theories of course!

Some recommendations I would give to reduce plumbing leaks in an RV

  •  When leaving the RV for more than 2 days, turn off the water to the RV.
  • Whenever you turn off the water, make sure you turn off the hot water heater.
  • Whenever the water is turned off, but you aren’t taking off, open a faucet and reduce the pressure in the system.
  • When turning water back on to the RV, check all of the fittings to make sure there are no new leaks.
  • When you are unsure of the external water pressure, make sure you have an incoming pressure control valve.
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I’m sure there are many other plumbing leak reduction ideas, so please either add comments to this page or contact me.

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