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Nothing on or in an RV represents better the goal of the RV lifestyle than the RV awning. The awning represents the lazy carefree days in its shade drinking your favorite I-am-just-hanging-out-relaxing” beverage and generally just “peacing-out”. Life under the awning says – slow down and smell the roses. It says – visit with friends and enjoy companionship.

But these darned awnings are simply NOT carefree. They aren’t bad, but you can’t be mindLESS about them.

I’ve written several articles as I’ve learned the ins-and-outs (no pun intended) of the RV awning business!

Some of my articles were :

There were more articles, but you get the idea.

Since the awning is the focal point for enjoying an RV because it is like the picnic gathering area, there are many “fun” products for awnings. I’ll list a few here as Amazon links – (Amazon Disclosure)

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