Here is a bluetooth headset that REALLY works

Sheri spends almost all day on her phone. And everything she’s used for a headset has been terrible. Either they had noise, she couldn’t hear well, were too heavy, had bad battery life, was scratchy or more. Those little things that just stick in your ear but have a little bump barely halfway to your mouth are a bunch of baloney. We’ve never found one that works.

We finally found something that works great. It wasn’t our idea, it was our neighbor’s recommendation. Our neighbor, Cleveland, drives a propane truck all day. He told us about his headset which lasts all week on a single charge, sounds great for him, completely eliminates the noise for people that you call, and was not too expensive.

Here is the EXACT one we got for Sheri from Amazon (we get a small commission at no cost to you – but this recommendation is the real deal – we’re behind it 100%) :

Here is what we’ve noticed:

  • Amazingly lightweight.
  • Battery lasts all day NO PROBLEM
  • Sheri could BLAST her radio in her car – I could not hear it. The sound quality is INCREDIBLE.
  • Sheri can hear her people really well.
  • It has a button dedicated to voice dialing- but we haven’t tried that yet.

We’re really impressed. This is a FANTASTIC headset. It gets a recommend from RV52.


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