Free $10 Amazon Gift Card for Recommending an RV Park – Read on!

A reader wrote me this week:

We will be going to Utah in May…besides the Nat’l parks any good suggestions for rv parks to stay in .  Will be traveling in southern Utah.”

I told her I would see if I could get her some recommendations if possible (I can’t convince you guys to do anything!!!).

Here goes. I will give a $10 Amazon gift card to the FIRST five different people who do the following…

1) Put a recommendation on a park in southern Utah by adding a COMMENT to the park page. You can find your Utah parks here. You HAVE to put in an email or I won’t know its you.

1a) The comment can’t be lame. Really, I don’t have to explain this do I? For example two words “great park” or “yukky park” simply will not do.

2) Put a comment on THIS ARTICLE telling me you placed a comment so I know the comment was in response to this request. In your reply, tell me it is ok to use your name to tell people who got the cards and publicly thank you for your review.

That is it. Nothing more. Two comments. One on the park, and one on this article. So if you see only two comments on this article and you have a real life honest review of a southern Utah RV Park – then you get gift certificate (I’m only handing out 5). Pretty cool, eh?


If I don’t have your comment by February 22, 2014, then forget it, ok?


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  1. says

    I look forward to hear which park it is. I have a friend in Saint George Utah and so I would love to visit him. there is a camping world there also if they need a place to over night in. I love the parks there and the scenery we were there on our Harleys so we stayed in hotels.

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