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  1. Thanks. I didn’t know working with LED’s could be so easy. I’m going to order a couple of these things and try going Green. Thanks!

  2. I would like to replace the rg921 with a bulb that is not as bright. These things are blinding!
    Any ideas?

  3. Usually… people try to get their lights BRIGHTER not dimmer! So you are a bit contra-trend. If I use 280 lumens, a measure of light output, as my benchmark for brightness – then this LED light is only 220 lumens. So this is ONE way you can go – – there is only one review and it was a 5 star so you know that is bogus.

    Here is a highly rated light fixture with LED lights in it and each side has a switch. That may help since most RV light fixtures seem to have both sides turn on with a single switch –

    A BETTER strategy might be to find a dimmable RV LED light fixture – – this one seemed fairly highly rated. I wonder is it too darned hard to make a dimmer fixture!!! Probably not very popular I guess.

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