Day 4 – Honesty in the weight loss business – at least with yourself

184 pounds. 3 pounds down.

I know I haven’t lost any real weight yet.

I think you HAVE to be honest in this business – most importantly – with yourself.

What I’ve lost is all the EXTRA crap that was in my system. Oddly, that extra crap did seem to suck my energy, mood, and more. I think my body maintained extra fluid as a result of the extra crap too.

So my guess is that 184 is my REAL starting weight. I’ll probably plateau here for about 3-4 days before finally getting to my first pound.

You gotta be real.

CHOICES: Today I DID order a VENTI Starbucks skinny mocha for breakfast. It was FREE because I had a reward. But Starbuck’s skinnies are pretty point efficient – about 4,5,6 points respectively for tall, grande, and venti. I didn’t look them up, but I think I’m approximately correct.

Now I just hope it gets me to lunch.

6:15P – Learn that salmon is 2 points per 3 ounces. Completely pig out on salmon. Yum. Yum.

7:15P – still have about 5 points left. I can have ANYTHING. Yay me. Letting tummy settle.

8:15P – Mini Peanut butter cup wrapped in peanut butter cookie (small). Three points. But man-oh-man that tasted good.

Finished up at 34 points. What a FANTABULISTIC weight watchers day.

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