An old RV = changing young girls lives forever – but how?

I just found out about this wonderful school project going on in Austin Texas at the all-girls public magnet school called the “Ann Richards School”.

These girls are taking on a project they will remember all their lives – they are restoring an old vintage RV. They will learn amazing skills. But don’t listen to me – listen to them, in their words:

RV52 has donated to their project and I plan on visiting them and seeing how I can get involved.

Click HERE to see their KICKSTARTER page and change some lives in a very real way.


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  1. says

    I’d like to donate some of my product to help this cause. It’s a polish that restores surfaces to a like-new condition including the RV body, soft rubber seals, light & mirror housings, etc. If you can provide information on how to get in touch with this group, I’d really appreciate it.


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