1. I have a 34 foot 5th wheel Arctic Fox, 2003, and have been living in it full time for one month and love it.
    1. I was wondering if the super slide out is supposed to be level. When it is out, which is all the time, it is obviously hanging down around 3 to 5 inches from level. While sitting at the kitchen table, one can easily see and feel the lean outwards. It was originally in PA, and the underneath is very, very rusty; but it slides in and out with no problem. The bedroom slide doesn’t lean down; however, it does have a slight, very slight angle down which is good I guess owing that the awnings are missing. Both awnings for the slide outs are gone. The aluminum rods and everything else is there but the cloth material. I can see where the cloth material was there but only strings are left.
    2. I was wondering where the best and least expensive place is to get that stuff. I know that the RV place I shop at think I’m rich just because I mention RV.
    Thanks for your help.

  2. My slide on my class c Tioga is tilted so the slide is rubbing the rear window trim. How do I get it back square?

  3. I just purchased a 2012 jayco eagle 351RLTS. It has 3 slides. Is their any particular order the slides need to out or retrack ? Thanks

  4. The slide outs should operate independently. I don’t think it matters. On our Open Range, we always retracted our large living room first and extended the living room first. That allowed us to be in the RV and watch the other slides from inside and out.

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