1. Can I connect an WFCO 55 Amp power converter RV 52 straight to the vehicvle batteries to run all the 12 volt system? Or do I need to get a separate battery for it? I am making a camper out of a 1998 FOrd Econoline Van 7.3 Diesel, 24 volts and when it come to this part I have no clue. Please help will be greatly appreciated.


  2. Rick,

    I’m not an expert, but I think you would want a separate battery. To run lights and things, those batteries are usually deep-cycle batteries which are designed to better handle lower in/out currents. For starting your beast, usually those batteries are designed for pure cranking power. I just bought a Power Dynamics converter to replace my WFCO.


  3. Thank you Marlan. So how would I connect a deep cycle battery to the existing system to run internal lights radios and the like without messing up the cranking batteries? Any ideas? I am new to this so any assistance would be greatly appreciated

  4. Rick,

    I’ve been thinking about this and you are way beyond me. I think you are right. Since your system won’t have the DC systems split out like an RV, probably an extra battery doesn’t make sense. If you want, I’ll contact Roadtrek and/or Pleasure-way and ask them to see what they say. They’ll certainly know the answer.

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