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The Ultimate Companion RV Users Manual - 5th Wheel Edition

This ebook is CHOCK-FULL of pictures helping you really see and understand an RV whether you just purchased or are about the purchase an RV.

By giving you a great overall idea of the RV and as a companion to the RV users manual, you'll finally be able to relax and enjoy the ride.

Written in an easy to understand and informal style - this ebook gives you the info you need without talking down to you or sounding like a professor.


  • Tons of pictures
  • Become an "expert" fast
  • Learn RVs inside, outside, and with lots of common sense
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The Spartan RV

Get the eBook that is changing people’s lives by helping them reduce their “life” footprint and get down to the business of “what really matters” in life. Follow these steps and soon you’ll be able to fit into an RV and life your life worry free, stress free, and be totally in the moment. More than a how-to book, it might just be the self-help book that makes a real difference.

  • Excellent Reviews on Amazon
  • Learn how to think about "things"
  • Lots of electronic life hacks to make electronics work for you - easily!
  • This isn't a wimpy 30 page ebook - it is a 200 page true BOOK
  • Written in a fun, light, and engaging style
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The RV Lifestyle Quiz

STOP!!! Don’t even think about going to an RV dealer until you are crystal clear on the major class and style of RV you need to purchase. Did you know that the most important factors in buying an RV are your own personal lifestyle? This BRIEF, yet powerful, lifestyle quiz steps you through the major questions and then gives you a PERSONALIZED rank-order listed graph of the RVs that match your lifestyle. For about the price of 2 lattes you can have the peace of mind that you aren’t squandering 1000’s of dollars on the wrong RV.

  • Takes less than 10 minutes
  • A small handful of power-packed questions
  • Customized "Preference Score" based on your lifestyle choices
  • Customized "Tips" for picking your RV based on your lifestyle choices
  • Unlimited Re-takes - lifetime access
No need to read more - I'll just buy it for $7