RV Sales Contract Generator

RV Sales Contract Generator

RV Sales Contract Generator


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What is an RV Sales Contract Generator?

This is a 5 part form that if you complete it, at the end it will automatically generate an RV sales contract that you can use FOR FREE with no strings attached. RV52.com looked ALL over and was not able to find a sales contract. No one has one.

When I went to sell my RV, I looked around on the web and they were all pretty lame. So I had to make my own up. Since I am the owner of a web site that is for RVers, I thought why not make it easy for people.

So here it is - the first ever automatic - for free - RV sales contract generator. Courtesy of RV52.com. Yes, you will have to check a box later that says you accept responsibility and that you can't sue me just because you are mad at me because something wasn't on my little contract. But it is for free AND it will save you some time and you are free to send improvements or just improve what I made for you.

Typical Steps to completing a contract and selling a vehicle:

  1. Buyer and Seller should be very HONEST about money, condition, & other key aspects. Don't try to get one over on somebody. That rarely works.
  2. Verbally agree on the basic terms of the sale (price, location, etc.)
  3. TYPICALLY, the seller would create a sales contract or what is sometimes called the bill of sale. (This is what I make for you automatically).
  4. TYPICALLY, the seller would provide to the buyer. In a perfect world, the buyer would sign two original copies, although now-a-days, this is probably acceptable to be done using scanned copies and email.
  5. TYPICALLY, the buyer would sign both copies and send both back to the seller. Again, scanned copies would be acceptable.
  6. TYPICALLY, the seller would sign both and send one completed (executed copy) back to the buyer. Yes, scanned copies would be acceptable.
  7. Steps to the completed trade
    1. Buyer funds the purchase with verified funds. This is partly an exercise in trust for both parties, even with a contract. When I sold my Open Range, the buyer and I did this step and the title step over the mail and used lots of "trust".
    2. Seller signs title or takes all steps to release title to the buyer if a lender is involved.
    3. Find, print and sign state required documents. For example, in Texas, the seller files with the state to indicate that the vehicle has been sold.

Miscellaneous notes on different RV sales things:

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Click here to Create an RV Sales Contract



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