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Why would it be helpful for you to maintain a free RV Park Advertising listing on RV52? Because maintains a huge database of Attractions, RV parks, and RV dealers at no cost to anyone! RV52 has 1000’s of videos, how-to articles and many books. It is a fantastic RV resource, and the web traffic shows! By being in our database, you are far more likely to discovered by RVers than many, many other places on the internet.

This page is for entering RV Park information. RV52 has other areas for Free Attraction Advertising and Free RV Dealer Advertising.

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This form is used when Fixing OR Adding an RV Park to the directory.
  • It helps me to know if you are adding a new listing OR fixing an existing listing.
  • This should be what you have on signage and/or business forms you've created for your RV Park business.
  • This address is extremely important. It is the one that RVers use to locate your park. 99% of the time, they will locate it using Google. If you check this address in Google and it does not find your park, will have trouble too. Not having a good address is foolish. Also a mailing address that is not the same as your physical address of your park is foolish too.
  • RVers like to call ahead for reservations or to make sure there is space. is amazed that some RV parks do not make their phone numbers easy to find. Be smart and put in your park's phone number here.
  • A good description helps you get found. RVers like to know what things you are close to such as a lake, state park, really cool attraction (like Disney), or a really cool town. The more of these things you have, the better. Most Parks fall down on getting a good description. has a really good search engine presence - so our advice is help us help the search engines find you!
  • Not required, but SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT. If you don't have a website, I would have to wonder if you are really a valid business. Sorry. That is just how RV52 sees it. Call if you want one but do not know where to start (
  • If you have an official youtube video for your park, tell us the address of this video. will automatically show the video YOU want when people look up your park on
  • RVers are increasingly using email to communicate with RV parks. This should not be left blank. will allow you to leave this blank, but does NOT recommend this. If you leave it blank and your park is not at full capacity... well that is your choice.
    People leave comments on all the time. Sometimes it is complementary, sometimes it is not. If you select this box AND give me an official park email address, you will get sent the comment so that you can do something about it!
  • If I need to write you, it would be nice to be able to address you by name.
  • If same as Park email, just cut and paste (simple). If not, tell us who you are. You don't HAVE to, but if you do then RV52 can write back and actually ask questions.
    Really, I am a pretty good writer. You can ALWAYS unsubscribe later. But I think I send you pretty fun things. Sometimes a joke, sometimes a point of interest, sometimes something about an RV, and sometimes something really random.
  • can assemble videos that make people interested in your park. For example, if your RV park is located in Anaheim California, a really good search might be "Disneyland". If you'll give a hint on what a good search for youtube videos might be, we'll do a better job of making your park attractive.