A Worrisome phone call to RV52.com – Read on to protect yourselves.

Today I received a phone call from a company called Direct Buy. You can imagine that their website is Direct Buy DOT com. I’m not going to put any links to them because the way they treated me on the phone didn’t deserve a link.

I do NOT know if they are honest or reputable, but the phone call definitely put me in the “not going to find out” camp. They may be the best thing since sliced bread.

You see, if their business practices do not honor you or your time, then I would seriously consider that they probably won’t honor you in their dealings with you either.

So unless told differently, they are on my NOT RECOMMENDED list.

Here is the deal. They call themselves a buying club – like Sam’s ($50/month) or Costco ($50/month). So I said “How much are you monthly and do you have a low price guarantee?” They DO have a low price guarantee, but they would not disclose their fee. They said it was too complex.

What they want is to get me to come up to their office – 45 minutes away – and sit through a sales pitch. I told them they were wasting my time and that I was capable of understanding over the phone.

Then they said that sorry they could not help me and HUNG UP!

I challenge anyone that has had a POSITIVE experience, even better, could clearly show that their fees were easily paid for by their discounts to put a bonafide comment on this article. I’ll check you out and IF you are legitimate, I’ll ok the comment.

Til then – I’d be very cautious of them.

What do you guys think?

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