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  1. I just bought a 2005 Puma 5th wheel 253 FBS and need a owners manual/wiring/plumbing layout.

  2. My dad passed away in June. He had a beautiful 2008 Mobile Scout 5th wheel trailer, 35′ with 3 slide outs. This RV now belongs to me. I have searched everywhere and can not find an owners manual. I can’t find any manuals for this RV. I called the dealer (found the information on the title) and was told ‘we have nothing like that,’ Without any type of manual i have no idea how to put out and then retract the slideouts, where the propane is, you get the picture i hope, creek and paddle come to mind. any suggestions on obtaining a manual??

  3. Cheryl,

    In general, RV MFG users manuals are TERRIBLE. My guess is that even if you find the right one (and I’ll look around for you too) is that you’ll be terribly disappointed and still won’t get your answers.

    That is why I wrote a couple of ebooks on the subject:

    I’ve broken them between interior and exterior. Someday, in amongst my infinite and copious time, I’ll join them together to make a users manual that hopefully fills in the gaps.

    But I think any RV users manual will be about the same. So I wouldn’t put too much stock on the manual, especially one that is specific. The MFG just don’t put that much effort into the manuals.

    Hope this helps and I’ll look around a bit for you.

    Marlan from

  4. thank you so much for your reply I really do appreciate it. I’ll be looking at your ebookd tonight.

  5. I have a 36ft 5th wheel sunny brook titan 2005 and my dryer will turn on and with nothing in it it will get extremely hot,but if you put wet clothes in to,it will hold a lot of moisture and will not dry the clothes,i can not find a filter to clean.please any help?

  6. Trying g to find a owners manual for 2006 Sunnybrook Sunsst Creek travel trailer that has a slide out.

  7. Linda – what exactly are you trying to find? Here is why I ask. RV owner’s manuals are amazingly vague. They write a very generic manual that can cover most of their models. If a person’s perspective is that an RV is more like a car and would have a users manual like CAR companies make – I believe that is the wrong perspective. An RV owners manual is more like the owner’s manual to a house (u r lucky to get something like this). Why? Because RV manufacturing is much, much more like a home builder process and mentality than a car mfg thought process.

    Take the internal appliances/features – In a car, almost every feature is unique and created by the car company – or for the car company per the car company’s detailed specification. In an RV, the features are generally purchased from a supplier catalog and not created custom for the particular RV (Airstream might be slightly different). That means that the manual is expected to come from the supplier, not the RV company. So the BEST strategy is to collect the manuals from each supplier item in your RV – then you have a really accurate manual “set”.

    Then the only thing that would be nice to know is the exact routing/location of water, electric and other things. But I’ve rarely seen very good documentation on that subject.

    So, you’ll typically be disappointed with the manual. The info in there is general and more about satisfying the requirements of shunting liability rather than being a great owners manual.

  8. I agree about the lack of specifics in Sunnybrook RV manuals. I have a 2004 (I think) Sunnybrook Titan m-28RLKS that was purchased used by my father. It has many features that are different than are described in the Sunnybrook 2004-2005 manual. I am lucky, however, to have most of the appliance manuals. But information about the electric and water systems is lacking. For example, my electric “box” is located on the floor instead of an upper cabinet and has some very different components. I called Winnabego, now the owner of Sunnybrook, and was told that they did not get manuals for the earlier trailers. So it seems to be up to new owners to figure out what’s in each trailer and how it works.

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